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The Bolt. - you hold things together.

-Access to my feed.
-Occasional Stuff. This one is almost worthless.
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The Weapon. - you defend aggressively and attack defensively

-Accolades sang in your name.
-Tutorial models thrown in,
-Brushes, Meshes and maybe even Substances! / Hi-res artwork
-Gumroad Leak access during development! And promo codes to the product for free upon release!
-Project Files for every tutorial
-Chapters of "Hard Times and Even Harder Surfaces" as it's being written

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The Robot. - you're no longer a man, reborn into a metal and plastic soul bound by circuitry.

-Models, recording and substances! Oh my!
-Whatever I'm up to you will also get a piece of. Maybe a hand? Maybe a whole mech. But weekly I want to share some random part of my work.
-High Res Model(selected obviously)
-Gumroad Leak access during development! And promo codes to the product for free upon release!
-Chapters of "Hard Times and Even Harder Surfaces" as it's being written and the source files + videos before release!
- Hangouts access upon request for crunching when available

Just do this one if you want everything I'm giving away... The top tiers are for people who want to own my soul. Or need organs from me for later.



About masterxeon1001

Help Deux on his journey to fight against the machine that has enslaved our world!

My Patreon will always be a work in progress because the community is what dictates its purpose and goals.

Any of you guys who know me personally know of my commitment to education and development of 3d art advancement in the community. However tutorials and selling them I feel are a means to an end however its time to look outward and work to the future.

I offer to everyone who joins insight into my personal road of 3d advancement whether it's tutorials, substances, sbs files, pdf, tip books, instructional guides and even models. I look at Patreon's of others and I that I have so much more to give. I'll drop you guys clothes. Robot parts will rain from the sky. If there is something of use I can do for you. This page is my chance to make it happen.

Sadly the kidneys are off of the table. I wish I could give everyone a set but there's not enough to go around.

I'm a busy person who is working around the clock to make a small idea come to life. And I know through the support I can share and make the whole process available to the public who will some day enjoy it. And with successive support the goals should also ascend to higher goals. I plan to do these things regardless however with your support I can be even more effective and focused while being free of starvation and malnourishment. If you subscribe you will get leak access to courses from future timeliness yet to converge with ours while also helping me stay alive.

The art world is lacking on enthusiasm and I don't entirely want the journey from a beginner to professional to be littered with paywalls. People should be able to reach as far as possible because we're all on the same team. I offer something to everyone and I want to continue to full time, but I can only do that with support and the capacity to survive and pay bills etc.

If you aren't familiar with me or my work these links will give insight.

If you aren't familiar with my tutorials and Blender endeavors.

I also have gumroads that are free and many more exciting ones to come. I am working around the clock to make sure that when I hit record... It's because I got something I think is awesome to show. I want to keep them cheap as possible but I also don't like letting things stack up so when you sign up you'll get leaked chapters showing introductions to software you may or may not be using yet!

I also have a sketchfab!

So with that I hope I was able to at least give a proper introduction but in short.

Expect stuff. More... stuff.

I'll make you proud. So suit up and lets get some robots made.

One of those goals is a 3d cult. Imagine an organization where all wore dark hoods with dithering at the base that attenuated upward. Along with 3d printed robot masks we would surround a fire and burn PCs while chanting to the Z-gods. Over us would be a projector showing a render with it's buckets flipping over. I think it's funny... till I accomplish it haha.

Join the ranks and get your own Order Of The Triangle(changes pending) nickname. Get to know Dark Poly, Do Nothing, Verti-she, Z-Sketch, Organic-G, Hard-T, Deep Cutline, and WillICan! But if this long article and link bevy doesn't convince you then nothing can.

Thank you all for reading.

36% complete
With this goal I will be more free to work on personal content which will increase the amount I get to share!
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