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About Matara

Hey there! My name is (sort of) Matara and I like games. I really like games. I also really like making games. A little while ago I decided that maybe I should start sharing these games I make and see if other people like playing the things I make as much as I like making them.

Tabletop RPGs are my bread and butter, and I have a very long history with them. I've been playing them since I was 6 years old, starting with AD&D (I'm a late twenty-something, in case you're wondering). I've grown up with RPGs and watched the industry grow up- a hell of a lot- with me. We have so many awesome, experimental, and creative systems these days that it's honestly a little intimidating to try to break into the industry.

But I still feel like I have something to add, and hopefully you think I do too. Read through what I've got up for sampling, and see if you're interested in buying into my projects. I promise to diligently work to bring you the best settings, lore, rule sets, and splatbooks I can for these mad worlds I've been creating for the past twenty+ years of my life. Thank you so much for dropping by and taking a look. Even if you can't contribute, it's just great to have you here.
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Weekly Game Blog!

Once I've gotten a few of you sticking around, I'll crack into the games I'm playing and running. I'll discuss what's been happening, house rules and interesting rule concerns that pop up, and my opinions on the systems themselves.
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