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Give a little bit more, get a little bit more. Donate in this tier to get a monthly ”Thank you” message along with a quick Apple Pencil / iPad sketch of what I’m working on at the moment. Patrons will receive these on the first Tuesday of every month.

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The A section = $2. The B section = $6. Another A section = $2. It’s not rocket science. It’s number theory!

Members of this tier will get exclusive access to a one minute clip of a current Work in Progress (WiP) once a week on the first Tuesday of every month! This will include a Finale or Logic Pro X screen recording with audio!




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About Mat Campbell

Composer. Conductor. Musician. Educator.
Lover of sentence fragments and coffee.
Music-making is my job. Everyone needs music. Whether it’s old or new, we all need to listen to something to get us through our days. Help me keep making music for recreational listening, video games, concert performances, educational purposes, and the overall appreciation of creating. Where do your donations go? They go into helping me devote 100% of my time into being not just a creator, but also an artist.
Different tiers will have different content - everything from quick composing vlogs and previews of works-in-progress to commissioning works. I appreciate all of the incredible support from everyone, and the least that I can do is keep making music for all of you to hear. Thank you.
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When I reach $300 a month, I will interview 1 patron for a YouTube / Instagram TV video either over videochat or in person. This will be part of a series of videos for all of us to get to know members of our community!
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