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About MathematicPony

Welcome, friends!

My name is Math (at least, a lot of my friends call me that), and I make music. Specifically, I create and record original music and cover music related to various fandoms that I participate in, such as My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, and more. I'm always working on learning new instruments and skills with which to express my love of music and my love of the media I write music about.

I'm here on Patreon because a number of my wonderful listeners have asked for various things, such as bloopers and instrumentals. In order to keep bringing quality music content to you guys, I've decided to share these extras here! I also want to include the people who consume my art in my creative process, so I'll be opening up the floor to your ideas and suggestions, so I'll be holding polls and sharing sneak peaks of future projects to get your feedback.

Scroll down the column on the right to see the various reward tiers that are available! Patreon contributions will enable me to take the time to create more and more music. Every dollar I make here is a dollar I won't have to work a non-music job to earn and live off of, which means that time will be able to go to making more music and content for you guys. <3

Lastly, I want to thank you if you listen to my music, regardless of whether or not you support me on Patreon. The music I make is for you too; it always has been, and it always will be.

Math <3
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When I reach 25 patrons, I'll celebrate with a special thank-you song on my YouTube channel in which I'll shout all of you out and try to rhyme your name with something! Good luck to me, hahaha.
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