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Friend Army inductees get access to my patron-only feed, which will feature a selection of new songs, videos, and writing, as well as an ongoing blog, keeping you regularly updated on what's happening in my creative life. 

Friend Army members will also get access to a series of video and audio interviews I'm currently working on, featuring many of my fellow musicians from around the world, chatting about music and sharing their hidden talents. 


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Wallflowers get all the same stuff as folks in my Friend Army, plus:

Once a month, you'll get to download a bundle of choice items I've excavated from my archives: early demos, writing, live shows, album art, photos, and all sorts of other things that have never seen the light of day before.

Monthly online videos or livestreams where I'll chat about new music, upcoming shows, baby animals, famous conferences of the 20th century, or whatever else you feel is important to discuss. I'll take a request or two and play you a song as well.

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Amateur Rappers get all the same stuff as my Wallflower and Friend Army patrons, plus:

Free downloads of any new singles, EPs and albums I'm planning to release publicly, before anyone else gets to hear them. 

A postcard, once a year, from an exciting location somewhere on tour. I choose the time and place, and you get surprised with a old-school snail-mail greeting, telling you all about how fabulous the weather is in Birmingham (for example).

A personalized video / audio message for you or someone you love. Tell me the occasion and any special requests (want me to play a particular song from my back catalogue? compose a birthday limerick?), and I'll do the rest.



About Mathias Kom

Who are you?

That's what I want to know, and I'm hoping that this Patreon thing can help us get acquainted. As for me, my name is Mathias Kom. Over the years, I've made a lot of music and done a lot of touring with my main outlet The Burning Hell, as well as with side projects like Spring Breakup or Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom. Songwriting consumes a lot of my time, but I also make videos, write fiction, poetry, blogs, and essays—mostly about music, but sometimes also about people, animals, notable economic conferences, fictional Scandinavian history, which common garden weeds are edible and which are poisonous, and the secrets of life under the sea. But mostly about music.

What is Patreon? Well, it's a chance to return to the glorious days of the Renaissance, minus the religious persecution, internecine wars, and pox. Back in those days, folks with a few extra groats or ducats would support creators and thinkers like Michelangelo, Copernicus and Shakespeare so that they could focus on making stuff without having to sling mead behind the bar at the local discotheque. Patrons back then were mostly super rich and powerful and (often) very evil—but with Patreon, you too can become a patron of the arts, even if you're virtuous, kind, and not the Pope.

I wouldn't have spent the last ten years writing and thinking about and making music without the support of people like you. I've always believed that the most exciting thing about art isn't the reduction of creativity to product, but rather the chance to share our work, talk about it, engage and argue with people, reflect, and then create some more. With Patreon, I have a whole new platform bursting with exciting possibilities to do just that.

If you'd like to support me by subscribing, you will automatically receive my love and thanks, and my solemn promise that this thankfulness will be everlasting even after death (pending confirmation of afterlife). You'll also have exclusive access to the songs, videos, and writing that I've done over the years that I've never made available before, and believe me, there's a lot. Even better, your patronage will result directly in the creation of a lot of new work, made available first and often only to patrons. Here are some examples:

1) Sneak peeks and first listens to new songs and videos, even including works in progress, demos, and the various ideas that the little voice in my head often tells me not to share publicly;
2) A regularly updated blog for patrons only;
3) Hangouts and chats with loosely-structured themes—focused, for example, on songwriting, touring tips, or how to build a ukulele out of a Volkswagen engine;
4) An ongoing series of audio and video interviews, in which I invite musicians to my farm, chat with them about what they do, and ask them to demonstrate their secret talents. For example, did you know that Monteverdi was an incredible juggler?
5) Postcards from tour, delivered to your door!
6) Custom songs, mixtapes, handmade lyric booklets, and more...

Your support means a lot to me—it means that I can keep doing what I'm doing, and do even more of it. So, kindly patrons, welcome to the newer, fairer Renaissance. Renaissance Fair? Or Fayre? Renaissance Redux? Ren 2.0? Whatever we call it, your doubloons will keep my lute tuned and my pantaloons groomed, and allow me the freedom to write and create and share it all with you, online and in person, from Sicily to Saskatoon. Thank you.

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12-Month Mixtape
After reaching 200 patrons, I'll send you all 12 different mixes I make via Mixcloud, filled with my favourite music, and especially the songs that I've been listening to obsessively over the past year.
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