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For $1 a month you will have my love & thanks, & I will send you monthly updates that include dreams I've written for the project & other goodies. 

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For $10 I will mail you a dream every month, include you in monthly updates, & give you access to audio recordings of dreams. 


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For $20 you will receive chapbooks in which I collect one dream from every day of the former delivery months. 

Additionally, I will mail you a dream every month, include you in monthly updates, & give you access to audio recordings of dreams.




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About Mathias Svalina

Thank you for visiting this page & reading about the Dream Delivery Service!

I started the Dream Delivery Service to devise, as a writer, a new relationship & intimacy with readers. And, on a personal level, to do things that come most naturally to me: writing all day, biking around cities in the dead of night, & being weird without consequence. 

When you subscribe to the Dream Delivery Service I write & deliver dreams to you every day for a month. To subscribers in the city where I'm located I deliver the dreams to their doors before dawn, biking around the empty streets at night. To subscribers outside the city I deliver the dreams every day by mail.

The dreams are brief narratives of dream-life & dream-logic, which I write from my imagination. I attempt to write a unique dream for every subscriber every day, though I more often fall short of that goal. Here is an example, a dream I wrote for NPR's Morning Edition when they interviewed me: 

Morning Edition Listeners
March 14, 2017.

You are in a dark tunnel. You have a small flashlight, which illuminates tiny specks. The tunnel stretches out in front of you & behind you. Water drips & plops from unseen sources into unseen puddles. You walk into the dark for a long time until you trip over something & fall: a stack of newspapers bundled up with twine. You turn your flashlight on the bundle: It is all of the newspapers from every city from the day you were born. The bundle is too heavy to carry so you leave it & keep walking until you trip & fall over another bundle. It is all the newspapers from your first birthday. You keep an eye out as you walk now & come across another bundle: all the papers from your second birthday. Then your third. Fourth. So on. You grow accustomed to the bundles & pass by them without looking until you find a bigger bundle & a steel bucket. The bucket is full of keys. The bundle consists of every newspaper from your last birthday until today. Some are normal newspapers, some are blank except for ads, some are filled with unreadable stories of nonsense & gibberish. Each has a keyhole on the front. You take keys from the bucket & try to fit them to the newspapers’ keyholes. When you fit a key to a blank paper & turn the key, the paper fills with stories. When you fit a key to a nonsense paper, the paper falls apart into dust. When you fit a key into a normal newspaper a bit of light fills the tunnel. And as you unlock more newspapers & the tunnel fills with more light, you realize it’s not a tunnel at all, but a home you recognize on a street you recognize in the neighborhood in which you live.

Since September of 2016, I've been on the road delivering dreams in various cities, often biking between cities as I travel. So far I've delivered in Denver, Richmond, Tucson, Marfa, & Austin. Along the way, the Dream Delivery Service has been profiled on BBC World News, Vice, & NPR's Morning Edition.

I am going to continue traveling to more cities & delivering dreams in them. I'd like to deliver in big cities like Chicago, Portland, & New York, but I'd also like to deliver in small towns & cities that are often less of a draw for arts projects like this. But I need some help, which is why I've set up this page. I hope you'll consider subscribing to or supporting the Dream Delivery Service. 

You can become a patron here or subscribe directly at

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I will produce higher quality & more beautiful chapbooks compiling a dream from every day of the delivery months, collaborating with artists & paying them for their work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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