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Who Am I?
I am Mathieu Stern, A French Photographer and filmmaker, I create videos about experimental photography and vintange lenses.
I love Lenses …. i mean i am obsessed with them, but i also like weird stuff, so naturally i mixed the two and wanted to experiment.
Why just focusing on the ultra expensive electronic lenses when you can do incredible things with just cheap old glass …

Why Patreon?
  • Funding from my Patreon community empowers me to dedicate more time to creating videos and digital Photography resources.
  • Patron funding can provide me with a small budget I can use to travel meet other photographers.
  • I've been able to greatly improve the quality of my videos by purchasing better equipment.
  • My Patrons inspire me to consistently create content each week.

Where Your Money Goes
Producing content is time consuming. Your contributions will allow me to spend more time writing, filming, shooting photos and editing, and less time at work at a "real" job. In addition, much of what you give goes directly toward funding new equipment like cameras, Weird lenses ,lighting etc.
I already have a huge collection of lenses, but why stop there, why not testing lenses no one would ever think of testing ?
- Old as F*ck lenses
- military lenses ( tank, gun, planes, submarine, space ?)
- Modified lenses
- Cheap plastic toy lenses
- Experimental lenses
- medical lenses
- home made lenses ( cost a lot )
- creative adaptors.
- and many other possibilities.
With enough support from patrons, I'll be able to consider my video production a job, and accordingly, devote enough time to my channel to upload more regularly. Eventually, my supporters on Patreon may allow me to work full time as a Youtuber ! At that point, I'd be able to produce new video series, travel out of my area to visit various Photographers, locations and technologies.
So the more patrons I get, the more content you can expect from me

Thank You To anyone willing to support me and my channel, you have my sincerest thanks. You are absolutely awesome! My wife and I thank you for helping us keep food on the table, and for allowing me to work to promote thinking out of the box in photography and filmmaking. I can't express how much it means to me that you're willing to support my cause. Again, thank you.
A SPECIAL THANKS to all of my current and past Patrons for empowering me to be a successful full-time artist and YouTube creator. And thanks to ALL of my fans who watch my YouTube videos and subscribe to my channel.

7 of 40 patrons
Finding and buying weird lenses (old or new) takes a lot of time, energy, deplacements, and of course money, some lenses i had the luck to find for 5$ but nowadays lenses are more and more expensive. i need a lil help to buy them so i can test them so you dont have to spend 80 $ on a crappy one.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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