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Hello, friend. Welcome to my Patreon page.

I've never really done this before, just gone out and asked for supporters, for people to shove their hands in their wallets and fork out to back my work and career with their cold hard cassssshhhhh. It's daunting!

But here's the thing: I'm a young female journalist and cultural critic living and working in Melbourne. And you know me and my work -- that's why you're here.

Perhaps you met me during my theatre days. Or maybe we crossed paths in trade publishing.  You might have followed my work as a staff writer at Junkee -- what a short-lived, stressful, miraculous time it was for all of us! More likely you've just read some piece or other of mine, in Fairfax, The Guardian, SBS, Crikey, ABC News, Vice, Kill Your Darlings or one of the other handful of outlets I write for regularly as a journalist and cultural critic. 

But legit, this job is no gd joke, my pals! In fact, it is quite hard.

And I've spent nearly a decade building my career as a writer, editor, artist and theatre-maker across industries in this chaotic, creative town -- picking up work where I was able and learning absolutely everything I could to further my burgeoning professional ambitions. But it's still not enough; somehow, I am still drowning.

I've dreamed of this, being a writer and editor, since I was a bebe child, copying Jacqueline Wilson books into my notepads to learn the style and rhythm of storytelling while other kids were out being normies who kicked balls around and traded Pokemons. (No, I did not collect Pokemon... please don't leave!) 

This is my dream; it's my calling, if you like. And I will not give up on it because of a setback with bullies in the industry, or a setback with my mental health, or the realities of earning a living wage (or the lack of ability to sustain such an illusory ideal). I will keep fighting for this career forever and I need you, my dear pals and readers and supporters, to help me. 

I know we're all hard up; we're hustling and trying to pay for our things and our lives. But if you like my work and you want me to keep making it, please consider chucking some coin my way. Literally, whatever you can is overwhelmingly appreciated. The money you pledge to support my work will go to covering the daily costs of running a home office, and the cost of living with a mental illness (which informs -- and complicates -- all of my creative practice). 

In return, what I'll provide to you is: more of my journalism, memoir and critical writing in the aforementioned outlets -- and more publications besides! I will also bring "Out Of My Head", my long-dormant confessional Tiny Letter, out of retirment for weekly installments on Sundays. And I will continue work on my longform works: a memoir/investigative work on young women living with mental illness in Australia, a work of trash-lit-fic that will include A Great Number Of Local Pool Descriptions (or maybe not, who knows!), and my debut young adult manuscript, After That Night

Thank you, friends and supporters. Truly, I work for you -- and I would not work without you. xx 
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per month to cover the cost of running a home office and assist with my mental health costs.
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