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About matogolf

Hello! Thank you for even considering to support me on Patreon! I'm just a simple guy who loves film soundtracks and artists like Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Steve Jablonsky, James Newton Howard etc. For years I was listening to soundtracks as they are, so often with long boring tracks or boring parts of tracks included. That is why I'm creating my "Cuts". I pick and choose the best sections and tracks and combine them with as many smooth transitions as possible to get a nice and continuous feeling of music. I am trying to enhance the soundtrack by grouping tracks based on emotions and music flow to enhance the power of the soundtrack.

The most important part is to listen to the soundtrack again and again to identify the best tracks and the best parts of tracks for the majority of the audience before trying to mix them smoothly. Many times I get requests to create the "Ultimate Cut" for a movie or TV series that I've never watched. Or sometimes I don't find some movie soundtrack interesting enough to bother myself with it. Help me with interesting soundtracks I missed that are worth paying attention.

To be closer to my fans, to you, I would like to cooperate with you. So as a reward for your kindness, I offer discussion about my next cuts, personalized cuts or access to interesting files. 

Because movie soundtracks are 3rd party content, all ads on YouTube are placed by YouTube and earnings go to copyright holders. Therefore all my earnings are only from supporters like you. I am thankful for every patron. You can decide how much you want to contribute. 

My goals so far:
  • I would like to share all my cuts on SoundCloud, not only on Mixcloud. SoundCloud has limited upload time and because YouTube is as it is, some cuts are not available in full length on YouTube or they're not available at all... That is why I founded my Patreon. With a few bucks per month, I could pay for a SoundCloud PRO Unlimited account and therefore to upload all my work there.
  • These days it's also very useful to use data storage in the cloud which is a much safer way of data storage and with the growing number of my cuts my local storage is running out of place. For a few more dollars more (pun intended) I can pay for cloud storage and keep my raw working audio data in safety.
  • I prefer to use open source software so I don't need money for expensive software. My only concern is hardware and from time to time there is a need to upgrade hardware and peripheral devices to make mixing better. It's much easier with your generosity.

Thank you for reading all this. Thank you for listening to my "Ultimate Cuts" on YouTube, Mixcloud or on SoundCloud. I am grateful for all my Patrons, subscribers and even if you are not subscribed or my Patron, thank you for listening. Thank you for your support!
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Help me with my cloud storage subscription for my raw audio data used while creating my cuts. My local storage is running out of place with growing number of my cuts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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