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About Matsuri Cosplay


Hello! I’m Matsuri Cosplay! I’ve been cosplaying since spring 2016, and I started making my cosplays since Summer 2018. When I began attending conventions, I learned about cosplay contests, and from that day, I have always dreamed of competing. I discovered sewing and making props through self-taught, although I am still learning new things.
Cosplay has helped me to feel more confident about myself and feel proud of my skin. Dressing up as someone you look up to is so fun. Learning how creative you can get is always an exciting thing. Having friends and family who support you in your cosplay is also the most rewarding feeling just like the support I get from my Patreon family. Knowing that these people would help me with my cosplay journey is the best thing ever. I’m hoping that I will be able to make more cosplays with your help.


My name is Marjorie, but you can call me Marj if you would like. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I’m 24 Years old. Beside on cosplaying I work a part-time job, I am also a Business Administration student at Brandman University. So, I’m a pretty busy person and why I don’t do full-time cosplay. I live with my boyfriend, who always helps me with my cosplays, and we take care of our lovely four guinea pigs.


I love patreon for giving me a chance to share my cosplay journey with you all personally. Coplay can be expensive, unfortunately. So, every pledge is a big help for my new cosplay projects. My goal is not to gain a high number of patrons, but I want to be able to share my progress with people I know who wants to see it. Hoping that my experience will also help some of you. Lastly, please don’t feel obligated to pledge on my patreon any support you have given me is very much appreciated!

( all pledge will go towards this cosplay )

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