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About matteusbeus

Hi there, I'm Matteus Beus (aka Matt B). I'm a homebrew developer for the Sega Genesis | Mega Drive. I have a real passion for the Mega Drive / Genesis as it was one of my first consoles growing up. The Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Dev scene is still relatively small.  We've had a few great games on Kickstarter in recent years such as Tanglewood and Xeon Crisis, but I still feel more can be done to promote the fantastic Sega Genesis Development Kit (SGDK) developed by Stef to allow more games to be made. And that's where my channel comes in! I create YouTube content to help people to learn how to use the SGDK and hopefully make some fantastic games in the process, while also working on my own games.

Donations are greatly received and enable me to pay others to create graphics, sound and animation to enhance my output as these are not really my area of expertise! Donations also enable me to invest in better equipment.

If you'd prefer to give a one of contribution in some other way or would like to sponsor the channel, please feel free to contact me via Twitter.

I hope you continue to enjoy my work and thank you for being part of the team! :)
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I can get a Mega SG and scrap the need to have any more hardware for capture! :-)
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