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About Matt Fradd & Team

When I started this Patreon account it was to make my podcast, Pints With Aquinas (PWA), the best podcast it could be. 

Since that time we (I say "we" because there's now a team of us ... as you'll see) have gone on to start the Bible History Podcast, as well as to develop a long form discussion show on Youtube called The Matt Fradd Show and, in addition to this we are beginning to travel to developing countries to teach apologetics for free (they pay nothing for the flights, materials we bring, and conferences we run).

It has been one exciting ride! None of this would have been possible if it weren't for my amazing patrons. And it won't continue unless awesome people like you begin supporting.

When you sign up as a patron you'll get a bunch of free stuff in return (which you'll see when you sign up so I won't explain that here).

Thank you for driving all of this work. None of it happens without you, and, frankly, unless people continue to support and remain consistent in their support, I'll have to gradually stop doing this.

And I think that would be a shame, given how many people it seems to be helping.

Thank you for being apart of this.



PS Since many of you asked and are asking, if you want to send me something in the mail, please send to:

Matt Fradd
309 Pirkle Ferry
Suite B-200
Cumming, GA 30040.

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Reaching this goal will enable me to write, have translated, and print apologetics material for Catholic communities in poorer countries around the world. The apologetics material I will write will be specific to the needs of that community. I will then fly down and speak in those countries and distribute the material. All this will be at my expense.
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