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- About Me -
I am currently a Ph.D. student  in philosophy writing my dissertation on comparative Japanese and Western philosophy in Kyoto, Japan. I hope, through my studies, to be able to bring a better understanding of Eastern philosophy to a Western audience. Aspects of Eastern Religions, in particular Buddhism, have become a regular part of Western culture but many people do not have a good understanding of where such aspects come from.

Why Patreon?
While so far I have been fortunate to be able to secure scholarships/part-time work to pay the bills, that is about all that they do. In fact, that is all that they are designed to do. However, there are many expenses related to academic work that scholarships do not take into account. Your support will help me be able to afford such things. Here are just a few examples:

Language Training - Doing comparative research means learning languages. For me that means at least Japanese but I have been studying a bit of French and Chinese on the side. I am blessed with tutors who have been willing to help be without getting paid. However, I would like to pay them something. 

Books - While libraries usually have the books I need they don’t always. Also one is not able to write in library books and thus having a personal copy of a book is a great help to research. Plus you don’t have to give it back and recheck it out if you need it again (which is normal), or spend lots of time making copies.

Conferences - Traveling to and presenting at conferences is an essential part of academic life. It is one of the ways that we share our ideas with our colleagues in a less formal way (in comparison to academic journals). However, this means paying for flights, hotels, and food. Living in Japan does not help the cost of such trips either as many are held in Europe or North America

Organization Memberships - Often to attend conferences one must be a member of the society or organization hosting the conference. There is the added bonus of being able to receive the journal that the society publishes as well, allowing one to stay up to date on the latest research.

Beyond the financial support, your support on Patreon lets me know that the work that I am doing is something people are interested in and want to see happen.

What Benefits do you Receive?
As thanks for your support, I will post sections of papers and research topics that I am working on and working lecture notes as part of course development. This gives you a chance to look behind the scenes at how I think through things, develop arguments, and test ideas. I will also be writing about academics in general and life in Japan.

I am still working on the membership tiers as I have some ideas for benefits. However, I do not want to promise anything until I get some things figured out. Things will only get better from here! 
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Getting Started! at $100 per month I will do a bi-weekly regular live stream Q&A to answer your questions and chat about Language, Religion, Philosophy, Academia, and More.  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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