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per Short comic or scene of a longer comic.
per Short comic or scene of a longer comic.
Milestone Goals
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Patreon Chaos Book
$55 per Short comic or scene of a longer comic.

If we can reach $55 I'll create an entirely new, 20 page comic in just 24 hours using your ideas as the basis for the story! 

The Idea

1. You, my awesome Patreon backers, enter suggestions into a web page I'll create. Would be short objects, actions or concepts, such as astronaut, tractor, taxation or jungle jim. Whatever you like.
2. On an upcoming Saturday I'll get up super early and crack open the submissions for the first time.
3. I then have 24 hours to write and draw a 20 page comic using as many of those terms as I can.

What will it be about? Relationships? Aliens? Time Travel? Who *knows*? Not me. I won't untill I sit down and look over your suggestions the morning of. It's chaos!

What you get.

  • Everyone - If you’re not a Patreon backer you can still watch the creation of the comic live as I make it. I’ll publish the details about the big day well in advance so you can follow the updates.
  • All Backers - All Patreon backers, regardless of pledge level, will be able to submit suggestions and read the finished comic in the form of a downloadable ebook. They will also get their name entered in the Thank You page of the book.
  • $3.99 backers and above - If you back at $3.99 or more I’ll mail you an exclusive print copy of the comic that we made together, with your name listed on the thank you page in the back. (If you live outside the US please add $5 for shipping.) I’ll only be printing as many of these as the number of folks backing at this level when I draw the comic, so this is your only chance to get a print version.

* Take part in the creation of a really strange comic.
* Watch me make comics live.
* See my brain melt under the pressure.
* Will it be the best comic ever made?
* Probably.
All backers get an E-book of the first comic I ever drew.
$70 per Short comic or scene of a longer comic.
If we get to $70 a month I'll post "Shock Waves" #1, my first ever full length comic, drawn in 1991 on that kind printer paper that has the holes on either side with perforated edges that you have to tear off.

It's an embarrassing rip off of old Image Comics like WildC.A.T.s or Youngblood. It includes such well developed characters as Razar, the moody team leader whose was a misspelling of "razor", Glassious whose hands were made of ... glass, I guess, some kind of glass that could ... change shape? I'll upload the first issue as a downloadable ebook for all backers.
The cost of doing physical business.
$100 per Short comic or scene of a longer comic.
I tend to loose, on average, $720 per year going to conventions. Although I do pretty well, my book sales never come close to balancing out the table fees, travel, and lodging costs. Getting out and meeting readers and other cool folks in the comics community is something I love to do! Reaching this goal means I get to do so without going broke.


Cartoonist guy. I drew The Chairs' Hiatus, & am posting pages of my new book Oh, It's the End of the World every week.

You can read my comics at


Portland, OR, USA

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My name's Matthew Bogart. I draw comics that would have been called "alternative comics" in the 90s and are just called "neat" today. ("Neat" is a word folks use right? "Neat-o"?) They are touching and funny, personal stories about regular people, that also sometimes include rocket ships, jet packs, and rock stars.

My first graphic novel was called The Chairs' Hiatus  and, among other shorter comics, I'm currently working on my second graphic novel called Oh, It's the End of the World


By becoming a patron you allow me the freedom to draw more comics for you today, as well as helping me draw them for many more years to come without going crazy. 

If you'd like to help me make more comics the best way to do so is to pitch in a little each time I publish new work.

I've always thought my comics work best if you read several pages in one go, as opposed to one page ever few days. So I've set things up so you don't get charged till I publish a batch of pages, usually either a complete comic or a scene of a longer one, two to five pages long. 

On months when I'm doing really well I can post an installment a week, but even if I go over that you can set a limit to what you're willing to contribute. That way if I'm extremely productive one month you don't end up giving more than expected. 
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