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About Matthew C. Winner


My name is Matthew and I make podcasts.

I'm a school librarian and I teach K-5 library media at an elementary school outside of Baltimore, MD. 

My goal with The Children's Book Podcast is to support and promote outstanding books by diverse voices, including authors and illustrators of color, indigenous and First Nations authors and illustrators, LGBTQ authors and author allies, historically marginalized voices, and all of those who help bring these books to publication. I recognize that, like many, I am on a journey. The choices that I make today for the podcast reflect a continued interest in supporting diverse and underrepresented voices as well as an understanding of ownership in my obligation to utilize this platform responsibly with regards to these aforementioned values. I do so, in great part, through the support of listeners like you, who promote episodes, champion authors and illustrators, and read books by diverse authors and illustrators. I am grateful to have such a strong and supportive listenership and I continue to keep you all in mind each step of this journey.

I started The Children's Book Podcast in the summer of 2013 after attending ALA's annual conference in Chicago. I had podcasting on my mind for some time at that point as an avid listener to shows like Nerdist, This American Life, and RadioLab, but I felt like the children's book market was quite sparse when it came to the medium. I set out to record conversation-style interviews that nod to those great moments happening in the bar after the professional conference, when everyone is leaning in over their gin and tonics to hear firsthand from authors and illustrators how inspiration, life circumstances, and a bit of bravery translates into the stories we come to love and love sharing.

The Children's Book Podcast has gone through a number of iterations, starting out as the Let's Get Busy podcast (named for my then-blog The Busy Librarian), rebranding to All The Wonders: The Children's Book Podcast (taking the name of the children's book site I co-founded with Blake Hamilton), and then finally settling with the current name as team All The Wonders closed the doors on that chapter of our lives in order to pursue other focuses.

Thank you for supporting me and my contributions to the field of children's literature through this podcast. But moreover, thank you for listening. Know that the sincerity and enthusiasm and curiosity and passion I bring to every interview is, in part, because I know there's a chance you'll one day be listening to it.


_ Matthew 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts