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You’ll get the essential digital goods like new songs, live recordings, short stories, audiobook chapters, images, videos, and so on.
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You’ll get all the digital goods and physical goods like CD’s, postcards, signed art prints, etc. You'll also get song stems for all of my new dance tracks, as well as access to the monthly Officers-Only Webcast.
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You'll get all the digital and physical goods from the lower tiers. You'll also get a special album goodie bag whenever I release a new album, special thanks in the liner notes, free tickets to my concert after-parties, and an invitation to my annual Officers-Only Beer Bash at my home studio!
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All the same digital and physical goods as the lower tiers, but you'll also receive a premium goodie bag with every new album release. You'll also be listed as an executive producer in the liner notes. Whenever I release a book, you'll also get a signed physical copy!
The Mysterious Benefactor
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Holyshit… we'll figure something cool out, I promise. I'll call you personally (via phone, Skype, whatever) to thank you. I'll work you or your character into a song, story, or art piece. And all the digital and physical goods you saw in the lower tiers, too.

I'm not sure what else to add here, but if you're giving me a hundred bucks per thing, we'll make something awesome happen. I promise!