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is creating an expanded photo book to my first one, w/blog on Florence,Italy
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1 8x10 matted print, 3 greeting cards from Italia,parte prima,1 new image for every month of support




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About matthew pace

I've been photographer for over 25 years. In my career I've always searched for personal inspiration to share my views with others. Over the time spent in the commercial world, I became the photographer I needed to be with little allowance left for the photographer I wanted to be. Years past by, family moved on, while my experiences broadened. On occasion, sparks would rise igniting a fire whose flames would flicker but blow out by the winds of economic need. Still not discouraged, I carried on.
Last summer an epiphany took place in my creative life, a love at first sight. I had the opportunity to live in Florence,Italy for two months, while my wife was attending art school. It provided for me the time needed where I reacquainted myself with the 22 year old photographer I left behind in life's mirror. Now free to roam, camera in hand, heart on sleeve, I wandered, an open soul.
I felt something so strong that the only thing I could call it, was Italia amore, which will become the tittle of my final book.
Have you ever fallen in love and in trying to reason why not find adequate words that make any sense? I did, but rather than searching for words, I produced images, and they became my love song, and " the photographer I wanted to be " became its singer.
This summer, that opportunity presents itself again allowing me to add new verses to that song, as Italia, parte seconda. It will add new images to the current book Italia Parte Prima, which you can see here:
and become a part of my final project, Italia, amore mio, a large table top book, celebrating Italy. But for now, this next book will be the second and needs your help. By contributing to this second part, a smaller goal, you will help me accomplish my larger project. Share with me this experience and follow my blog during the process
Feel what I feel, see what I see…help to sponsor me in my next trip and bring this project to life.
Thank you for your consideration,
matthew pace
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To continue my project in Florence over the summer, allowing me to expand my current book on Italy. My blog and photo walks will take you along my journey meeting people and places with foods and daily life.
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