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About Matthew Rasnake

 The FTL Intro 

I write science-fiction short stories and novels, and you can help support my writing by becoming a patron. I’ll use your contributions to help cover my writing and publishing expenses, and in exchange you'll get a peek behind the curtain through patron-exclusive or patron-first† content, and early access to everything I publish. If you're interested in reading some of my work, you can sign up for my newsletter—it's free, and you'll get two free short stories to give you a little taste of the type of work you’ll be helping me complete.

The Sub-Light Intro (or, What is this Patreon thing, anyway?)

Patreon is where awesome people like you pledge financial support to creators like me through a membership or subscription model. You pick the amount you're comfortable contributing every month (your "tier"), and I'll provide the benefits of membership, which become more substantial with each successively higher tier.

After you sign up, and while you're an active patron, you'll have access to all the content available at your tier, and Patreon will collect your contribution at the first of each month. You're welcome to stop and start your patronage as you please, but some membership benefits (signed paperbacks, for example) are only available while you are active.

Your contributions will help keep me accountable to provide something(s) of value every month. If at any point you feel I'm not providing enough value, I hope you'll let me know so I can step up my game. Likewise, if life happens and I'm unable to keep up my end of the bargain, I may take a break and pause the Patreon, and you won't get charged.

Ultimately, we'll be in this together, producing great stories and great ancillary content. I'm excited!

Maintain Standard Orbit (or, Wait, what... why?)

Writing is a difficult, fickle, uncertain business, and sometimes it can be hard to justify taking even small moments away from family, friends, and domestic obligations to pursue the work. Then you tack on the inherent expenses of being an independent author—developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, cover design, printing, and distribution just to name a few.

I have defined a few longer term goals or milestones, which you may find described elsewhere on this page, but the primary purpose of the patreon is to offset some of those inherent costs, and to help me justify (beyond the simple benefit of joy it brings me) the effort and the time I put into the art and craft of writing. My ultimate goal, however, is to earn enough from my writing that I can devote myself to it full time. It's unlikely that this Patreon alone will get me there (but please, by all means, prove me wrong), but you can help me produce more, better work and get it out for sale to the wider world.

Plotting a Course (or, What you can expect.)

First and foremost, I am writing short stories and novels for adults (and some stuff for kids too, but let's stay focused). So, depending on your tier, that's what you'll get. Astronaut-level ($3+) patrons will get short story and novel eBook downloads in .epub (Nook/Kobo/etc.), .mobi (Kindle), and PDF before their release to online booksellers. Colonists ($10+) will get these stories in audio form, read by me and delivered via a custom patron RSS feed. To Explorers ($20+), I'll send a signed paperback copy of any novel released during their patronage.

Producing and publishing stories is my primary goal, but I won't be completing a new short story every month. Likewise, if I'm deep into an early draft of a novel, it could be several months before it all comes together. However, while writing, editing, prepping, and publishing these stories, I'll be generating other material, such as: draft scenes or chapters, book cover design drafts or placeholders, character sketches, research notes, etc. You'll get some of this material as patron-exclusive (or at least patron-first†) content in patron-only posts.

From time to time, I may ask you to share your opinions on what I'm doing. For example, I may publish polls to help guide the development of a story, to vote on book cover designs, do Q&A sessions, to ask for help with world-building or character-naming, or simply to gather opinions on what type of content you'd like to see between releases. Some of these will also go out to newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers.

I'm always open to hearing from you, and I hope you'll let me know how I'm doing in letting you know how I'm doing.

About Me (or, Get on with it!)

I write science-fiction for all ages, I love anything technological or sciencey, and delight in reading to my three rambunctious children in as many funny voices as possible. I live in Louisville, KY with my beautiful, patient wife, the three aforementioned kids, and two distressingly pukey cats.

† Patron-first content will appear here first, but I'll also publish it on my blog, newsletter, or Facebook author page after a few days.
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$50 a month will cover website hosting costs, make a small dent in the costs of editing and cover design services, and buy me coffee when writing at the local coffee shop.
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