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$1 /mo
  • Get a new episode of Beware the Patronizing Mango on the 14th of every month!
  • Updates on my projects every Sunday!
  • Sneak peeks at upcoming publications and ...

The Slow and the Furious

$3 /mo
  • You'll get one classic episode of my defunct subscription-only podcast, Beware the Elitist Mango, on the 21st of every month! (Until we've blown through all 49 episodes, th...

Today's Special

$5 /mo
  • On the 7th of every month, I'll post a reprint of one of my flash fiction stories (probably of a different flavor than the Mango) and a really terrible piece of art from me (Seriously. We’r...

A Case of the Lumps

$10 /mo
  • I'll post a new flash fiction story on the 28th of every month!
  • Plus all previous rewards!

Road Trip

$20 /mo
  • I'll send you a digital version of one of my short stories or novel chapters on the 1st of each month (Either something previously unpublished, or something that can't be found in the wild ...

Carl's Best

$100 /mo
I don't expect anyone to go for this tier, but I wanted to put it here in case an insane person stops by.

  • I'll write you one personalized short story a year, roughly 4,000 words. You...