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About Matthew Word Bain

I welcome you, my friends, with gratitude.

I am a pilgrim of beauty in the mundane, exploring perspective by way of ambiguity.

Through my creative work I practice a way of being with what is.

We perceive the world through our senses, but we are limited by our perspective. Sometimes even a slight shift in perspective can reveal an entirely new perception.

My work is an invitation to discover just how much potential is held in the mundane, and how potent perspective can be in perceiving that potential.

Learning to sense the world from a different perspective is a core skill of empathy. Empathy enriches relationship and encourages us to create a repertoire of perspectives we can retain for reference.

Like data points in research or pixels in digital images, the more we explore and retain, the more accurate our perception of reality becomes.

Every day I post a new photograph and short poem to my feed.

I am currently working with a form comprised of three components: a photograph, a title, and a poem. In a sometimes mysterious way, each component adds something to the others. When I do well, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


There is no paywall for accessing this work. My regular daily feed is open to the public.

Patrons gain access to these posts a day in advance of the general public, and will also have exclusive access to any bonus material I post, such as outtakes from photo shoots, standalone poems, spoken word recordings, etc.

My Patrons are those who insist that my work be made freely available to an ever greater audience, and they make that outcome ever more possible through their ongoing support.

As digital and physical products arise from the development of my work, these and/or discounts toward their purchase may appear within an evolving tier structure.

Tiers without tears...

I am offering only one tier for now. This allows me to focus on creating and sharing my work while developing rewards that will eventually factor into a more involved system of tiers.

Rewards might include behind the scenes material, online gatherings, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, high quality prints, digital and printed zines, and short run art books, and/or discounts toward the purchase of any of these.

For now I am not set up to deliver rewards in a consistent manner, and will attend to the process of developing rewards as it unfolds organically. I have begun the process of creating some of these items, but for the process to be functional I need to keep it free from expectations from myself or others.

In my experience, promising future work translates immediately into a burden that insures my attention to my daily work will suffer while I avoid everything involved in the process of fulfilling the promise - a process I would otherwise enjoy.

I look forward to creating rewards from a place of joy and discovery in contact with mystery, and that won't be possible if I pretend to know what those rewards will be, let alone when they will be available. Choosing to offer rewards as they emerge allows me to proceed without the burden of unfulfilled promises hanging over my head.

Our Partnership: Unlocking the Commons

By supporting my work on Patreon, Patrons are my partners in what Tim Carmody calls “unlocking the commons.” Patrons support me, they support my work - and their contribution benefits everyone.

This partnership is an exercise in generosity, a way for each of us to contribute what we can in the service of the whole. The more support grows, and the more the audience grows, the better it gets for everyone, and for more people in total.

This is an invitation to shift out of a consumer role and into the role of a Patron. A consumer thinks first of their own benefit; a Patron thinks first of the benefit they are providing to others.

For me, as a Creator supported by patronage, I think more about what's best for my Patrons and my audience than I do myself.

By supporting me on Patreon, you join the group of people who support my development as an artist, the improvement of my work, as well as my ability to share it with a wider audience and present it in new ways.

Beyond sustaining me, your support goes toward covering the expenses associated with creating this work, making it possible for me to devote more time to this work, upgrade to more suitable gear, and the development of online infrastructure and products such as those mentioned above as potential rewards.

Thank you!

Whether you choose to support me financially as a Patron, by sharing my work with others, or simply by participating with it as an audience member, you are honoring this work through the contribution of precious resources, and I am ever most grateful.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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