Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles are creating NEW ALBUM & MUSIC VIDEOS


$5 /mo
To accomplish $5 goal means literally not buying ONE beer at the bar and instead, putting that towards us record and release our music.


$10 /mo
$10 is the cost of one meal out for a regular person. Depends on what you order I suppose. You can fast one meal a month for Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles right?


$20 /mo
$20 that's about 70 cents per day towards supporting this band and for that, I applaud you...always thinking of ways to save 70 cents and put it towards the arts. 


$50 /mo
$50 commitment to MH&TRC per month? Wow, sugar. You are making dough and you are spreading it around. You like this pizza. You like these ingredients. You wanna taste the pizza. You don't want ...


$69 /mo
$69 is sending a message. You really care. I think 69 is a special number standing for yin / yang and finding balance (and peace) in life. This is very special. I hope you are finding it as well. 


$79 /mo
If you support us at the $79 level, your money will be going towards a very special goal: we are going to attempt to record a collection of #1 hits from 1979. This was the year I was born and we're...


$99 /mo
This is almost a car payment for you. For kind of a shitty car. Obviously you've got the money and you want to see it go towards us reaching our financial goals a little quicker than the communist ...


$500 /mo
You are literally covering an entire day in the studio per month...and at 12 months a year, you are literally funding an entire album and giving us a 1 year deadline. THIS IS THE KIND OF SUPPORT WE...


$1,000 /mo
You are rich? Who has an extra $12,000 a year laying around to give to a band / artist to make their music? Who wouldn't want some of that back? At this level of investment / donation / contributio...