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About Mattias

Who am I?

I am an agitant. Whether it be writing about race, advocating for diversity in the gaming industry, organizing and joining protests, or involving myself in politics, I struggle for a better world.

Historically, I've used Patreon as a "help me subsidize the cost of traveling to and attending political events" thing.

My new goal is pay off my student loans (they're hefty) ASAP, because that's my biggest barrier to diving headfirst into political work.
It is not the time for standing on the sidelines. Black men continue to be gunned down in the street. Income inequality is widening out of control while rents in cities continue to soar. Amidst this all, man-made pollution threatens to irreversible alter our climate, leaving it permanently a less hospitable place.

Yet at this time when America needs compassionate leaders who fight for the little guy, Donald Trump - who has spent his life trampling the less fortunate - is our president. Donald Trump - whose many immoralities both political and personal do not require listing - is our president.

It is not enough for us to merely resist Trump. Donald Trump was not president when continuing police brutality sparked #BlackLivesMatter. Donald Trump was not president when DAPL encroached on indigenous water rights' at Standing Rock. Income inequality did not begin when Donald Trump became president, nor did climate change.

The Democratic Party allowed this all, either by capitulating to Republican policies, internalizing them, or losing to them. It's time for a new generation of Democrats who fight for radically progressive policies.

I ran to be a California Democratic Party Delegate, and was elected. I do not intend to stop there. After too long a delay, I have left my job in the gaming industry and now work fulltime in political activism, where my student loan debt has moved from an ever-present thought in the back of my mind to a nigh-unmanageable cost.

That's where you come in. I've long had a Patreon as a writer. However, as I spend more of my time and work on political activism, that's going to mean less and less writing. For people who want to support me in expenses and student loans, Let's call this Patron "sponsor-an-activist".

In return, I'll try to show you a glimpse into the life of an activist, and try to lay down a roadmap for aspiring activists.

Knowing that my work is valued is the ultimate reward. All of my articles are available for free at medium or on my website regardless of patronage, and I accept friend requests on social media from anybody whose identity I can verify. Think of this as a tip jar!

Thank you to everybody who values the work I do and who is on this journey with me

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts

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