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About Mattis Orgy Games

Hi, dear harem lover! Welcome in this place of sexyness and hot desires!
This page will be dedicated to this new side project of mine : improving "School Breeding Orgy" game! (or make others like it, in a distant future!)

If you don't know me yet :

I'm Mattis, a very (very!) prolific hentai game creator! All games (previous, current, future) and news are to be found here :, my main patreon page, or Sexforge project.

Why this page?
Because there's load of great ideas I couldn't fit in v1.0 release, and my main page is already full of other series!
We need a place for SBO fans specifically, by SBO fans specifically! 

What to expect?
- No deadlines or news spamming : I already got soooo much work on my hands with other projects, so expect fewer activity here (hence the "per update" setting for process) : things will come when they come, just take it as a nice little surprise from time to time! 
- Polls : I love to make my best to deliver the stuff you want and love! Specific outfits, quirks, girls or other suggestions : expect to participate in decision making for updates to come and be able to voice your wishes!

Regarding rewards : 
Truckloads of bonus codes to redeem and use in-game, with your support! Preg & m-preg modes, cum features, new customs, global looks, and so on!
If you have suggestions, I'm all ears, but we'll come up with new things from time to time for sure!

Updates ideas :
Here's a list (not definitive!) of all I want to fit in the game :
- more boob sizes
- even more new girls!
- new guy's head
- new guy's bodytype? (thin, fat, etc...)
- additionnal clothing for girls : bras, stockings, panties, gloves, etc...
- fashion quirks (cat ears, earings, piercings, tattoo, arm's band, etc...)
- minigames (penetration, fucking, cumming)
- additionnal hand groping animations (boobs and other parts)
?- more girls sounds (if someone got stocks, or skills, on that, contact me!)
?- new sex loops
??- new harem game!

(*? = not sure if it's doable or not, yet!)

Updates done so far :
- random guy arms location (like random fucks)
- new guy's cock size & looks
- new backgrounds

- lots of new hairstyles
- new girls on stage
- better xray/preggy mode
- futa modes (male & girls)
- new guy's hair
- random and shuffle girls' options!
- girls swaps on their own!
- full outfits for girls (corresponding to girls' cards, or up to your wishes!)
- "restore to default" option for each girl
- new girls (ex : lesbian girl's GF - SevenSins suggestion, or incest sister - Mark Miller suggestion) 
- cumming outside/on girls/on floor (cum stains!)
- minor bug fixed
- girl randomisation options
- cum on command (Alfredo Jones' suggestion)

50% complete
Groovy!! Condoms are flying, it's all-internal time, with some gorgeous piece of arse bouncing everywhere!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 53 exclusive posts

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