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About Matthew Davis

I am Matthew Davis, an aerospace engineering graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has spent the past two years building satellites in Los Angeles. Before that, I taught and did research in many countries, such as China, Jordan, Russia and Turkey. During my time at MIT, I was also the undergraduate student government president, taught political philosophy classes to local high school students, and spent a summer teaching Physics.

Now, I am an incoming law student at Georgetown University Law Center. I believe strongly in our need as citizens to understand the legal framework of our country, which surrounds our political debates around issues such as race, sex, gender, privacy, immigration, technology, and so much more. As participants in a democratic republic, it is our ability to influence the laws, and in order to change them effectively, we need to understand the structural, procedural, and historical underpinnings of our current system.

Accordingly, during my time at law school, I will be producing a weekly blog or video detailing an important case, a contemporary issue, or a historical event. These educational posts will allow people to better understand the details of our complex legal system, and be better equipped to participate in government. In this way, I hope to use my legal education to better our political discourse and empower others to create positive change.

Thank you very much for your support! Every dollar goes a long way towards supporting our goal of creating a more representative government and a more informed citizenry.
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