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G'day friends! 

First up thanks for checking out the patreon page and seeing how you can support me in what I do. Massive cheers.

The patreon is going to evolve over the next few months as I nail down exactly what value I can provide to all of you in the best possible way. If you support me, I want you to be able to walk away with something gained, learned or resolved. 

For the next few months I'll be going through the shift to freelance work, learning webflow and cinema4D and incorporating that with everything that I do.

As part of the patreon, i'll be posting monthly QnA videos and I'll be breaking down all of my monthly earnings so you can see exactly how much i'm either losing or making for the first 6 months of this journey. I'd also love to do some special tutorials or take requests for 'how to' videos depending on how everything goes. 

For now, there will be three main tiers.

Coffee Cup - If you just want to support the channel, massive thanks! For the first four months this will give you access to the QnA Video's. 

Coffee Keg - Monthly earnings breakdown - I go through all of my costs, give you a run down of my process and where i'm focussing my attention. This could cover anything from photography, web flow, cinema 4D or anything else i've picked up. 

The Roastery - 1 on 1 call. Pick my brain for an hour. I'd need a headsup of the topics beforehand. I've been a developer for three years, content creator for just as many and headed up the marketing for one of NZ's largest PC retailers. This is an hour purely dedicated to what you want to know. 

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