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For folks who want to show their support for me, whether it is because you like my tweets, my writing, my Twitch streams, or you are just feeling generous. I appreciate you so much! You will have your name added permanently to my thanks section on my website next time I update it, as well as my Twitch stream.

Super Frogs

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You get the books as they happen. Contributing this amount just once gets you a physical and digital copy of my first released book. If you stay on this tier for a while, you get that for everything I ever release. This also includes access to everything from the previous tiers.

Additionally, you'll get gift subs on the Twitch stream, so that you don't have to buy them separately. This includes thank yous on the Twitch stream, my website, and in the pages of my first book, just for doing this tier once. Other random gifts may come as well, especially as I get back into recording music and that sort of thing.

Wealthy Benefactor

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You'll get everything from previous tiers, and more. That means:
- Thank you on the website, on Twitch, and in the pages of my books!
- Free monthly Twitch subscription, except at this tier it will be higher tier Twitch subs. This is mostly for bragging rights right now, but I will add more stuff!
- You will be thanked by name (or username if you prefer) at the end of every single stream I do.
- You will receive copies of everything I do, whether it be books or music or otherwise. This includes both digital and physical. If you just do this tier once, you will at the very least eventually get a book and an album free some day. I will also let you hear and read stuff early, which will be sent digitally.
- You can pick a game I stream every month. Literally. You pick a game and I will stream it if it is able to be streamed. If you only do this tier one month, it has to be a game I already own (I'll send you a list!) If you do this tier multiple months, I will use part of your patronage to buy the game you want to see me stream.
- More stuff definitely.




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About Matty Lamour

Matt Lamour is a freelance writer originally from just south of Chicago. They became a full-time writer early in the summer of 2019. They write for Nerd Much? and their own website, Fly Me to the Left, dedicated to civil rights history, progressive politics, and music. This Patreon was created to help support Matt in focusing on their creative works, and includes timed exclusive fiction, article previews, general updates, and more to come.
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When I reach 10 patrons, I will publish original short stories guaranteed once a month, instead of a more loose schedule like I am doing now. This will tell me that enough people want to read the stories that it is worth putting more of my free writing time into.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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