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About Matt Larkin

I'm creating a massive universe of interconnected, retold myths and legends, existing the dark fantasy Eschaton Cycle universe. This is my Eschaton Saga Club. If you want to hang with me, this is the best place.

What I’ll Use This For
The money raised by this Patreon goes right back into the books. It pays for cover art, cover typography, maps, editing, narration, and any other cool extras I can think of to add. Everything raised here will be used to increase the frequency and quality of the books I bring you.

Discord (Champion Tier+)
If you connect a Discord account, you can join us in a live chat group. I also plan to organize monthly group chats once we have enough people.

World Anvil (Jarl Tier +)
My Patrons receive behind the scenes access to the interactive site I'm creating for the Eschaton Cycle on World Anvil. This means you can go deeper than anyone else into the lore and myths of this universe:

How to access:
1. Become a Patron
2. Make an account at World Anvil (these things are NOT automatically linked) and let me know what email you used (message me here).
3. I set up access and tell you. As long as you are logged in, you'll be able to access the full wiki.

ARCs/Audio Codes/Printed Books (Jotunn Tier+)
I love giving out stuff to club members, so you'll get all my new releases at the appropriate tiers. I spend a great deal of time traveling, so if I'm abroad I'll have printed books shipped directly from the printers to you. If I'm in the US, I can sign them first if you wish.

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