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About Matt R. Fact

Music is my original passion and has been present in my life ever since I started playing the piano at 3 years old in a music program for toddlers (probably around when this photo was taken). Music has taken me on a long and wending journey through various instruments and genres and I nearly went to college to pursue it professionally before pivoting and going to study more conventional things. While it is not my day job, it is still one of the most important things in my life and I would continue to do it even if no one choose to support my efforts through this site (but I hope they do though!).

I have a different story to tell in a unique way. Yes, you're right: EVERYONE says that! But I really believe it: have you ever heard anyone else lyrically eviscerate the Asian model minority myth or rap about nonprofit funding practices? I seek to explore themes that haven't been explored in this musical medium of the intersection of hiphop and comedy before, and and find the insight or humor they contain to share.

I could use your support. I don't currently make any money from my music, and I've paid for all my music-making expenses myself; no record contracts here! Between microphones and recording equipment, musical instruments, digital audio workspace software, and all the bits and pieces to connect and maintain them, we're talking about a significant chunk of change! There's also my time; it takes a TON of time, energy, and focus to put these projects together. Your support will go a long way towards helping make it possible for me to sustain this.  

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