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• Get early access to beta versions, source code, and other goodies. Currently this includes the old betas for EBF5, the entire EBF3 source code and assets, and 7th Heaven wallpaper packs.
• You also get the “Supporter” role on the EBF Discord, making you a trusted user who can post links and images in any channel, and gives you access to the Patreon channels. (You still gotta follow the rules!)
• And finally the loyalty program: With your continued support, you can request Steam keys for any of my games. (The total amount you've paid must be higher than the full price of the games.)

Super Supporter

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 • Same as the above, but you get the “Super Supporter” Discord role, which does nothing besides letting you show off. 
 • You also get access to EBF5 animation source files, which you can open in Adobe Flash/Animate for educational purposes. I'll release at least one of these each month. Currently the Final Boss, Retro foes, and Origami foes are available.

Includes Discord benefits

Wall of Thanks

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 • Get your name listed on the “Wall of Thanks” on my website,, letting visitors know that you’re kind of cool!
• This lasts as long as your contribution does, and can include a link to some profile or website of yours. (subject to my approval, maybe contact me with your details first!)
+ Includes Super Supporter perks 
Includes Discord benefits




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About Matt Roszak

Hey guys, developer of the Epic Battle Fantasy series here! You may have played my games on Newgrounds, Kongregate or Steam over the past 12 years. They're all free, and will continue to be. So far I've been making a living off ad revenue and by selling expansion packs, and it's been going well.

So then why am I begging for donations on Patreon? Well...
• Patreon gives you more ways of supporting me, cuts out middle-men, and offers some cool perks. Check out the reward tiers on the right to see if anything looks appealing.
• My income is very erratic month to month, especially when I'm working on big projects and haven't published any games in a while. Patreon will help smooth that out.
• Patreon also allows me to work on small side projects, such as livestreaming, making tutorials, or making wallpaper packs. (you'll need to let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see)

Any and all support is greatly appreciated, whether that's on here, or whether you prefer to buy my games the traditional way, or even if it's just fan-art or feedback. You've all kept my work going for as long as it has. Thanks!


My websiteMy YouTubeEBF Discord

$691.37 of $2,000 per month
This will fully cover all of my living expenses, finally giving me a dependable source of income.
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