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  • the opportunity to book a thirty minute one-on-one phone conversation with me to talk about whatever you want (subject to availability)
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I'm an author and Creator at Large at Matthew Wayne Selznick Creates and MWS Media. My home on the web is, where I write, produce podcast episodes, make music, and help other creators bring their creative endeavors to fruition.


I'm a creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster, musician, editor, consultant, educator, and coach. My blog, Scribtotum, provides opinion, advice, and recommendations on staying human while creating a successful and healthy writing life, as well as personal insights, reflections, and observations. The occasional companion podcast, Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick, is dedicated to helping people make stuff, find success as they define it, and stay healthy and sane in the process.

In addition, I write books and serials and create music. I draw, and I teach.

I make things for people who like the kinds of things I make.


I'm hard at work on my next novel, Light of the Outsider. You can learn more about that here.


You should become my patron if you are one of those amazing friends or fans with both the means and inclination to support my creative endeavors... someone who wants to support my ability to create more things in order to help and entertain more people, more often.


Your monthly pledge (as low as $1.00; no more $5.00) grants you access to exclusive content, early access to podcast episodes, and as many other perks and bonuses as we can think of together.


As my patron, here's what you can expect to help support and subsidize:

  • Podcasting (Sonitotum with Matthew Wayne Selznick): In every occasional episode of Sonitotum, I talk about making stuff, finding success, and staying sane while attempting to do the first two things. You'll hear a lot of personal stuff, deep transparency, and the occasional interview, all dedicated to teaching by example. Patrons receive each episode a few days before the rest of the world, and uncut / unedited versions of every interview episode. Each episode takes between six and eight hours to record, produce, and distribute.
  • Articles (Scribtotum): Scribtotum is my offboard brain, if you will, with a a filter / focus dedicated to teaching you and me from the perspective of an experienced beginner. Each article takes a couple of days to plan, write, edit, publish, and distribute and covers...
    • the intersection of creativity, personal development, and mental health
    • "journal" or "diary" posts focused on living a healthy creative life
    • resource tips for writers and creators
    • book, movie, and television reviews with an emphasis on storytelling and teaching
    • ...and the like


  • Fiction: I write literary fiction, as well as genre fiction in several different storyworlds:
    • The Sovereign Era, where the appearance of individuals with unique abilities upsets the delicate balance of the Cold War in the last quarter of the twentieth century.
    • Daikaiju Universe, where mysterious, laws-of-physics-defying beasts and monsters have terrorized humanity since the 1800's.
    • The Shaper's World, an original (no elves or orcs) fantasy setting where three hominid cultures strive to co-exist while a force from Outside threatens them all.
    • The Protector Cycle, a world much like our own where a small group of ordinary people guard us all against the shadows in the shadows.
  • Non-Fiction: I have a lot of thoughts about transparency, vulnerability, and empathy, especially in terms of how those characteristics pertain to being a writer and creative person. Books are in the works.
  • Music: I've been posting my Bookcase Sessions videos for many years now. I am itching to create a proper album, and want to make that happen in the months to come. Meanwhile, I keep writing and recording videos of new songs. Patrons receive high quality MP3s and, when applicable, printable lyrics sheets.
  • Art: I've begun sketching and drawing again after many years. Often, this takes the form of "picture essays," a form of cartoon. It's a meditative and exploratory medium for me, and I hope the results resonate with you.


All Patrons

Every single patron, no matter your pledge level, receives access to my Patrons-Only content here on Patreon and on my website. That includes:
  • Every episode of Sonitotum a few days before the rest of the world, and uncut / unedited versions of every episode featuring an interview guest. New episodes at least twice a month.
Every patron also receives a downloadable electronic copy of everything I release in electronic formats that your pledge supports, including songs, patron-exclusive lyrics sheets, e-books, drawings, and the like.

All patrons also gain access to a patrons-only Discord chatroom where we can hang out and shoot the breeze.

$3.00 Pledge Patrons

Those who pledge at the $3.00 level will get...
  • An invitation to a monthly, exclusive, group video chat, where we can talk about anything you want.
  • Everything available to the $1.00 pledge level.
This pledge level is limited to 1,000 people!

$5.00 Pledge Patrons

At the $5.00 pledge level, patrons get... 
  • The opportunity to book a thirty minute, one-on-one, phone conversation with me each month that their pledge supports works I've released (subject to availability). It's a personal creativity coaching session, if that's how you want it to go... or we can talk about whatever you want!
  • Everything the lower pledge levels receive.
This pledge level is limited to 500 people!


As more friends and fans become patrons, I'm very open to, and interested in, adding more rewards and perks to each pledge level, and, indeed, adding additional pledge levels. Ultimately, I want to reward patrons like you in the fashion that you want most.  We'll talk about it!


Thank you very much. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to express my gratitude through access, through bonus content, and through STUFF as the community of patrons grows and evolves.

You're the best.

"I Want To Support You, But Patreon's Not For Me."

I can dig it. There are other ways to support my creative endeavors, to be sure:

$22 of $200 per month
Just two hundred dollars per month from your gracious pledges will offset the costs of maintaining the Sonitotum podcast, including software licenses and website and media hosting accounts. When this goal is reached, I'll commit to regular bi-weekly episodes of Sonitotum.
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