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Everything's new and strange. This is where you find out if you want to keep moving up. If I'm honest, it's not for everyone. There are dangers you won't see coming. I can't force you to press on, but I can promise whatever path you choose will be rewarding.

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Choose carefully. You won't get very many opportunities to transfer.
Report directly to a Lieutenant on your Bladeship. Welcome aboard, Ensign.
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About Matt Wright Author

Matt Wright has been writing full-length novels for over fifteen years. He has lived in places like Hawai’i, South America, and all over the United States. From these places and more, Matt draws inspiration for his writing.

He has spent his time in school mastering the English language, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Dixie State University, and is a member of Sigma Tau Delta. He earned a Master of Fine Arts in Genre Fiction from one of the best creative writing graduate programs in the United States at Western Colorado University.

He is currently working on polishing his first book, Ruin Star: Sun Maker Book One. Patreon supporters will be among the first to know when it is published. Some will even get a free e-book, signed paperback, or signed hardback copies when it comes out which is slated for later this year. (See tiers for details.) 

Support me and become part of my military space opera/fantasy universe! If you'd like to check out my Discord server before deciding, come on over!

Join the Ascendancy!

🚀What is the Ascendancy?

Excellent question.

The Ascendancy is a revolution.

Many hundreds of thousands of years from now, humanity is still at war.

Only we’re out among the stars.

We are still fighting for ideals like freedom against tyranny.

We love and we hate. We're flawed.

We're human.

The Ascendancy is a reaction against the corruption of the Dominion Constellar, an intergalactic empire led by High Lord Cammius Giorigan.

Queen Elie Gentile of the planet Cadmus started it all.

She and several other regents drew away half of the military might of the Dominion.

They started a war that would last two decades.

But we had spread so far out among the stars...

...we never thought our wars would disturb gods.

Now, as new threats face humanity, the men and women of the Ascendancy are among the few who can face them.

🚀The Sun Maker Saga
Ruin Star, Book One (Post Production)
Fury Fall, Book Two (Post Production)
Fatal Vine, Book Three (Post Production)
Cruel Dusk, Book Four (Post Production
Broken Sun, Book Five (Pre Production)
Sun Maker, Book Six (Pre Production)

🚀The Stars Reach Saga
Breaking Colossus, Book One (Post Production)
The Last Convergence, Book Two (Pre Production)
The Golden Vine, Book Three (Pre Production)
The Hungry God, Book Four (Pre Production)
The Failing Light, Book Five (Pre Production)

🚀Ruin Star, Sun Maker Book One

Cover Art: TBA

Their world is dying
…Wardens hold all the power.
The Dark Star looms over them.
When a boy named Gun meets an oathbreaker and a drunken scholar, he knows his life will never be the same. Driven from his desert town, he finds his place in the city.
But a revolution is brewing. The people are restless, and war looms closer every day.
What is Gun’s place in society?
Can he learn to fit in?
Aithen finds himself in a similar situation. When he saves a Warden’s life, everything gets better. But is he ready to join the military?
Will he ever belong?
What choice does he have?
One will enjoy privilege and station. The other will get everything taken from him.
Both will change the world.

Coming Fall 2021

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