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About mattyburrito

The Short Version:
My name's Matt and I make fun videos and cartoon illustration/animation on the webs. If you like my stuff, please consider supporting my Patreon so I can continue to make more of it for you! I appreciate you checking me out! <3
WARNING: This Page also contains all my NSFW art, so if you're not into that - please don't pledge.

"Hold it, pal! Why should I and what're you gonna do with my $$$?"

The Long Version:
Any amount you're able to contribute will go directly into my art, software, PC maintenance, new equipment, and electricity bills, as well as providing the much needed encouragement to keep doing what I do!  

I'd like to get my operation to a point where I can frequently pay voice actors and artists I work with to eventually bring on small a team to help me take my projects to the next level. 

Also BIG DISCLAIMER: DO NOT support me if all you want to see is Pokemon parody content, there's plenty of other stuff I need to create and explore as an artist - and right now I gotta follow my heart.  

That about covers it... Whether or not you decide to donate, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read all this! 

xoxo <3 


Everything I do can be found here:

$1,530.25 of $3,000 per month
Fund a small studio! 
With $3000 a month I'd be able fund a small group of artists I work with to help me with production, animating, and editing. Meaning content is going to be coming out a lot faster and a lot better.
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