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About Mau Power


Welcome to my Patreon page. I want to personally thank you for visiting and stopping here to read this. My name is Mau Power and I am the creator and host of this page.

This is a community I would like to call my tribe and family. I would like you to think of this platform as a safe and creative space where you will get to engage and experience the art, music, and creativity I share!

You will also get to engage with, and experience the beauty of, my First Nations Australian Indigenous culture and stories only offered here on this platform. 

My Background:

For those who are just getting to know me, I am a proud Torres Strait Dhoeybaw man of the Guda Maluilgal nations. Through music I am viewed as a voice of empowerment and inspiration among the people of the Torres Strait. My music blends the voice of my culture and traditional elements from the rich musical traditions of the Torres Strait. I am a lyrical storyteller, a cultural ambassador, and an advocate of hip-hop and social empowerment.

My Intention:

My intention is simple; on this new journey I am embarking on I want to connect to as many inspiring and empowering people to share experiences with. I believe that through the exchange of stories and culture we can learn and grow more in life, and enrich our souls. I want to live full and leave as much positive impact in this world while I'm here, whether it be through arts, music, culture, business or sharing stories. 

What this platform offers:

If you dive into the Tiers they are pretty self explanatory. Now along this journey there will be a lot of growing, which may bring with it some growing pains lol! However, my promise is this: I will be upfront and honest with you on this whole journey. I believe the only way we can really build this community and journey is through integrity and honesty. 

Now below is our key featured program called #PowerVerse. #PowerVerse is a livestreamed podcast that features invited guests and members joining me to discuss topics of creative arts, entertainment, business, community, and social commentary. Formerly known as #PowerCast, the #PowerVerse program is categorised as edutainment and our intention is to develop an online creative space that will deliver creative and entertaining content and bring value, inspiration and empowerment to this community of followers.

#PowerVerse also features interviews with established and up and coming artists and business people to get a better understanding of how they have succeeded in their fields. I have worked on this project for a very long time, and now I get to bring this to the world. I look forward to you experiencing it. 


#PowerVerse is a yarning circle hosted by myself that features invited guests and members to join me in discussing topics of creative arts, entertainment, business, community and social commentary.

The key areas of value we will focus on will be:

1. Meaningful information (cultural and community)
2. Connection to community
3. Social empowerment and social impact outcomes
4. Introducing new talent to audiences
5. Industry education to empower our community
6. Grass root issues and news

#PowerVerse episodes premiere at 7:30pm Friday evening (AEST - Brisbane time zone) worldwide and can be viewed on the links provided: 


Tier 1 - Official Patron

This tier is your official access to the community. For your contribution you will be entitled to:

  • Behind the scenes content & patron-only polls. You will get to experience the journey from the foundations, see Mau Power in the studio, band rehearsals, media interviews, basically all that goes own behind the scenes that make a project work. I will even give you tips and valuable information that you may find useful that I have acquired over the last 20 years in the entertainment industry.
  • Early access to updates, tickets, releases. This offer see that you get to experience and access all of the listed before the rest of the world. listening parties and pop up shows, meet and greets are a part of this. 
  • Digital Offers. You will have exclusive access to special free digital downloads of music, videos, books, posters, digital art and other goodies for you contribution. This is my way of say thank you for being a part of this community.
  • #PowerVerse: #PowerVerse is the weekly livestreamed podcast that features invited guests and members joining Mau Power in discussing topics of creative arts, entertainment, business, community and social commentary. 

Tier 2 - All-Access Patron + VIP benefits (limited time only - eventually VIP access will become Tier 3) 

This tier dives deep into featured access that gives you more experiences on this journey. You will have all access to everything offered in the last tier, plus:

  • Exclusive access to unreleased content from the archive. This is never seen before shows, videos, unreleased music, art and more. 
  • Your name will appear in #PowerVerse credits as an Executive Producer.
  • Livestream access. This feature will give you the opportunity to engage with myself in live Q&A's, talkback and interview streams. 
  • Exclusive Merchandise. You will have access to merchandise that is not released to the general public. This unique selection will only be available to the patrons of this community who are in this tier and above.
  • Personal shoutout / recognition / thank you. you will have the opportunity to be mentioned on many of my projects with a personal thank you from me to show my appreciation of your support.
  • VIP status at live events


Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart in joining me on this journey. To end, I would like to leave you with my personal mantra and ethos which I would like to become our culture and philosophy;

Stay Inspired, Stay Empowered & Stay Connected!!

- Mau Power!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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