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is creating 3d digital & fractal art, comics, short stories & music

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        Who am I?

        Hello, my name is Michael but here on Patreon I call myself "". I like to call myself a " digital artist " creating all different things with different tools, like digital CG/3D art & comics, I also did some music in the past and as well wrote some short stories.

        Some time ago I even created jewelry using CG/3D applications in order to create the 3D model and then formed it with a rapid prototype cutter - the rest of the work was done together with a jewelry foundry. It was a nice experience and a lot of fun doing this.

        Why am I here on Patreon?

        At the moment I have plenty of time since I have become a handicapped retired person and therefore try to evolve my creativity and make a living out of it. Well, at least - sort of, I hope.

        In the future I would like to do more images, but I am also very interested in really accomplishing some kind of a webcomic in the near future. That is what I am working on at the moment. Setup a story and do images for them and then publish it. Also I am interested in doing even more with it, like do a game for and with the webcomic so these things go hand in hand.


        I) TTOTS - The Tales of the SangFroid

        Placed in the far future, TTOTS is about a spaceship, the SangFroid, and her crew and the viewer/reader is accompanying them in their adventures in the whole known and unknown universe. :)

        II) Mícheál Alisdair Daren

        The other project is all about mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, a whole load of archeology and much, much more. I don´t have a real fancy name for it yet so it goes by the name of the main character, which is a science photographer and the viewer/reader is following his path across the world to solve the riddle that comes into the light by our ancestors. The rough plot is already written and I have lots of info bits written. I will slowly to put these pieces together to create something like a readable story.

        These are my plans - and if you like them, you are able to support me on Patreon with these plans and maybe you will get also somekind of entertainment out of it. :-)

        Maybe you can help me with this task and we can go this path - at least for some time - together.

        Thank you!
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        My very first goal is just a very small goal at all - to have at least one monthly subscriber supporting me and my work! :)

        Thank you!
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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