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Hello everybody,

Some of you who may be reading this are long term supporters. I always feel a little weird saying "fans". Everyone who watches or has watched my videos along this YouTube journey of mine has been a piece of the support system that compels me to keep making more videos. I love introducing my ideas or making you guys laugh. Whether I make serious videos like Meet a Halfie discussing important topics on identity, or whether I just make goofy comedic videos/vlogs to make you laugh, I really enjoy and am encouraged by seeing how everyone responds to the videos, and am constantly reminded just how cool of a community has been formed from this channel. (Oh yeah, I owe it all to Shizuka lol, jk, 静香ちゃんい、いつもありがとうね!!).

This Patreon page is here for any of you all who want to show additional support to this creation process. I have "a real job" and have always thought how I wanted to self-fund these videos, and never ask for more from you guys. I didn't want to make it seem like that's what I was about. However, I am slowly leaning more towards the self-employed, YouTuber life, because it's something I enjoy the most in the world. Having the additional support would push me to hopefully one day quit my full-time "real job", and work more on my passions. We shall see! (You guys know how slow I upload, and while it's partially my fault, it's also because I have to take care of my job!)

Anyway, love you guys, and hope to keep making videos for you for a long time. Thanks for supporting. And by the way, who is up for Patreon supporters to be called "CliMAXers?" Eh? Not bad? Alright, I'll stop typing now.

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