Max Freely

is creating insightful essays for The Prequellate Project book series.
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About Max Freely

Welcome to The Prequellate Project!

My name is Max Freely, I am a Community Organizer, Essayist, Philosopher, and Poet.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and am pursuing graduate work in global and intercultural resiliency training and development. I've worked in social issues research for a socially responsible investment asset management mutual fund company holding $9 billion in assets and now I work on a Social Issues Team as Analyst for the local State University.

On my page, I write essays, prose, reflection pieces, and sometimes poetry about personal and cultural intersections between strategic communications, adjustment psychology, public relations and global pop culture studies for inclusion in digital and printed books. 

I generally write from the research-based, celebratory-exploration perspective of New Edenism (a modern version of Universalism). My next book is called The Prequellate Project.

The Prequellate Project is a calling to explore the world, understand others and regional cultures; apply diverse enlightened research methodology to discover and rigorously test ritualized habituation strategies, and apply unified systems and design thinking to create sustainable folkways to replace destructive sociopolitical patterns in the global society.

I am seeking creators, fellow travelers, patrons, and positive change makers to participate in and witness a new community of researchers and practitioners exploring diverse perspectives and designing better ways to live and be in the world with others. Check out my posts, subscriptions offered, and drop me a line. Let me know what you think!

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