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is creating Fine Art Portrait Photography, Coachings, Tutorials
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Coaching tier with lots of useful information about storytelling & environmental portraiture - articles, inspiration, behind the scenes, post-processing tutorials & much more. Patreon-only content.

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About Maxim Guselnikov

Hello good people! 

It`s Maxim, a freelance portrait photographer from Moscow, Russia. Besides photography, I do one on one coachings, Skype sessions and video tutorials dedicated to photography and image editing.

Here on Patreon, I will share with you my works and post articles about photography with breakdowns of my own shootings, explaining how I bring my ideas to life from the scratch to very last edited image. Also, you`ll get a chance to see some backstage photos and inspirational content that`ll help you to develop your own visual language.

Hop in and let`s go)
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