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is creating cute arcade/retro games with new ideas

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About Maxine Red


Welcome to my Patreon.

What is this place?

You found my Patreon page and I am happy to see you here!
What you can find here, are info about games and other benefits.

Where to find those games?

I only give updates here, make polls and similar, but you can find my games on!

What can I expect?

You can expect lots of games! I aim for 2 a month, but it can be more or less. The amount of games mostly depends on life situation and motivation.
But 2 games a month is my soft goal.

What are these games about?

They are mostly arcade style games. Remember those games that were popular on 80s/90s consoles? I try to recreate those, with new ideas.
Also platformer and RPGs are planned, but might be still a little far off.

What is used to make those games?

I'm using Pico 8, a very nice fantasy console, and Game Maker Studio 2 (trial currently) to make my games.
I also used SDL and C++ to write my own engine in the past, but moved to pre-made engines, as they allow me to make games a lot faster!

What benefits will I see?

Those change from time to time, but I make sure you get something extra for your money. This will include:
  • Seeing your name in credits
  • Instant access to "pay only" games
This also may include:
  • Private streams
  • Exclusive content for games

Is there other ways to help?

There definitely is!
First of all; every pledge is highly appreciated. Even $1 is showing me I do the right thing. So go for what you can afford!
If you can't afford $1 a month, that's fine too. I know how that feels and regardless of why, there are ways to help out without needing money!
You can:
  • Share/mention my games on social media or in friend circles
  • Play/rate my games on or add them to collections
  • Use other ways to make other people aware of what I do
All of those are highly appreciated, as more spread means that I have more chances to make a living.
So thank you in advance for helping out! <3

Where to find me

You can find me on Mastodon, Twitter and Twitch
$14.93 of $100 per month
This roughly covers server and other costs + gives me a little breathing room.

Thank you a lot for making this possible!
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