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Well hey there. Seems like you got yourself a spare dollar for this month that you can donate to the cause. As much as 1$ might be spare change for you, or any other person, for me it’s a sign that you, yes YOU, have somewhat an interest to what I do, and I greatly appreciate that. Imagine if there were a thousand like you, I’d have a new Laptop in a month! 


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Well this is already something that’s somewhat special. You like my work? Thank you. I really appreciate it. In my country if you find 5$ on the ground, the first thing you might think about is grabbing a beer, but since I am saving for my laptop, I’ll cheer to you with a virtual one, in hopes that I can stack more for my end-goal! But hey, while you are at it, why don’t you write something in the patron section now, something you wanna see, that we can maybe discuss about, we’ll put up a vote and see what others think! 


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In every corner of the country, Italy in this case, this is enough to go out for an Aperitivo! If you’re not italian you might not know what that is, but basically it’s when you and your best friends go out before dinner, have a drink, munch on some food and have a good time! Well hopefully you will have a good time with me, and we can be friends too, cause let’s be honest, 10$ a month it’s a great deal for me! But wait, I said we’re friends right? So what about I sneak ur name somewhere in my projects… perhaps I can put your name in a plate on one of my cars, or carve it as a scar on one of my zombies.. You let me know and we’ll work on it, ok? 




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Hi everyone, I’m Maxjoiner. I have been an Arma “modder” since the first instance of modding in the game came out. I have been fooling around with games since the early 80’s when my father got me my first “PC”, a Commodore Vic-20. That was back when I was 12. Now at 47, I still haven’t lost my passion for Gaming and I love to create and work on fun projects when I have some spare time. Although my life has not gone towards the “gaming industry career”, I still enjoy spending all of my free time doing 3D modeling and modding.

As I mentioned above, my passion is centered towards 3D modeling and Animations. I have been working with the Arma world for 15 years now, and I recently decided to start publishing my work on the Steam Workshop so that it can be accessible to everyone.
You may know my work from some of my mods that got quite a bit of attention like: “Max Life Pack”, “Terminator”, “Alien” and “Max Zombies”. My work is not done here tho. I am looking to improve the quality and quantity of my projects, but I am kinda limited due to time and especially for the old hardware I use to create my mods.

Here’s the deal. I am busy person, I am 47, I have an entire family to take care of, and as some of you may know, Italy hasn’t been doing very well in terms of economy/jobs. I am doing all my work on a really old-laptop, that often crashes on me, delaying and disrupting my workflow. The money I would make through Patreon will definitely help me out putting something together to upgrade my ancient hardware, so that I can maximize time efficiency on my projects, and at the same time be able to create a higher quality product. Of course I am not trying to make Arma modding, or 3D modeling in general my career or primary line of work. Simply, I am trying to make something out of this, in order to just improve on everything I do, and give back to the community! I have been working on Arma for such a long time, I cannot deny that I am in love with it, and being able to upgrade my tools is only a great addition that I could have so that my work can look better, and come out faster!
A friend of mine talked to me about Patreon, so I thought, what the hell! Why not try that!
You may ask, why not buy a Desktop? You would get one that performs better for the same amount of money of a laptop!
Well the thing is.. My work is itinerary, so I am very often out of town, and that’s when I also have the most time to work on my projects, hence the need of a laptop rather than a desktop!
So if you appreciate my work, and want to see more, improve on some current projects, release something new etc, please consider donating!

At the beginning of this Patreon journey, I am not going to add material-like perks, or set specific goals, because as I mentioned before, I am a busy man with a family, and I don’t want to let anyone down if I get paid for some commission-like project, and then can’t deliver in time. However this doesn’t mean I am never going to add anything like that in the future! For now I am just trying to work on the projects I have started, improve on them, and have a metric of what people like to see, would want to see and would want me to improve onto.

As most of my work takes a lot of time, most of my releases are not going to be publicly available in terms of source-code, workshop re-upload, approval for monetized servers etc. But this is something I may or may not release to certain tiers of my patrons. This doesn’t mean my mods are not free to use if downloaded from the workshop, but simply you may not modify, re-upload or use on monetized servers without my approval.

Patreon will be for you, a place where you can contribute to my work, have a sneak peek of what I am working for, give some input on my projects, and maybe inspire me to work on something new! You will be able to access various media-content that I will share only with you patrons, and also the possibility to interact with me as well.


Do we have to donate? IF we don't donate, will none of your projects finish, or ever start?
No. Donations or not, my plan is to continue working on what I am doing, like I have been for the last 15 years. Your donations will only contribute more towards my end goal which is mainly to buy a better laptop, and after that is achieved, to find more time to dedicate to this hobby, buy new models to port and overall better my quality of life :)

Are we paying for the mods?
No. Your donations are not for the mods themselves. All my mods will be available on the steam workshop regardless and free for you to use from the workshop itself. Your donations, as I mentioned before, are only going towards my new hardware and time!

What if you have to stop working on your projects for a long time for a work or family related issue?
If by any means I am aware that my modding hobby will have to get an abrupt interruption for either family or job related issues, I will stop all donations on this page, and will only start again ONCE I am sure that I will be able to start working again at the pace I deem satisfying.

Are we REALLY paying for a mod?
No. Again, you are not paying for a mod. If you feel like you are being pressured to donate, just don’t.

Where will we be able to view progress?
As much as I will be able to, I will try to post behind the scene content as much as possible between here and my youtube channel. I will let you know, I am not a very “social media” person. A friend of mine convinced me to open this Patreon, join Discord and open a Twitter account all at once, it was a lot to take for my old-fart brain :D But as I said, I’ll try to do my best to keep everyone interested, and happy!
$0 of $50 per month
Basically I have already told you what my goal is, and hey, we reached this milestone, this means I am probably getting a new laptop sometimes in the span of a year. That’s not bad considering that before Patreon, my timeframe to get a new machine was….well let’s not talk about that :P This got me excited tho, so since we reached this, besides all the stuff I mentioned above I will as additional perk
  • Make a youtube video on my potato PC at least every single time I am onto something that is worth being shown. (Not like I do this already, but I’ll add your guy’s name in the video credits, just to show you my gratitude ;)
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