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Get a private peek of some of my sketchbooks throughout the years. Some of these include humorous (and salty) military life doodles.
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I will create simple paintings and drawings where anyone can follow me as they paint. Think Bob Ross, but maybe more happy flowers instead of tress. Patreons will also have the ability to make requests and suggestions for these videos. Plus previous tier rewards.
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Monthly newsletter with updates, works in progress, photography of my adventures, Mayra's favorite pop culture round up, and veteran tribute corner. Plus previous tier rewards. 
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Small painted original. I mostly use watercolor or gouache. I will create monthly themes for these. Plus previous tier rewards. 




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About Mayra A Conde

Hello to everyone that has made their way to this page. My name is Mayra and I am an illustrator and photographer living in Oceanside, CA. I am originally from Texas, but was stationed in San Diego during my entire five years of active duty with the US Navy. I loved it so much I decided to make San Diego home. It was during my time in the military that I discovered that I had really bad anxiety. I learned coping mechanisms and tools to help me deal with living with anxiety. I also tried therapy and all sorts of sports recreations. (FYI I am also new at putting this bit of personal info out there!! so thanks for reading) Somehow nothing ever really got my mind off of it except for art. Art was a true form of therapy for me and a great escape from my every day stress. 

I have been creative my whole life, but it was my last year in the Navy where I picked up painting and haven't stopped. I am currently in art school in illustration, where I hope to focus on Children's illustrations. However I love to create and explore every day. I am currently exploring styles and trying to really fine tune my own. My art is very versatile, full of color and fun...and cute! I love all things cute. 

My long term hopes is to use social media as a platform to create follow along videos for drawing and painting. My goal is to have a place that Veterans can go to and make art. A place without judgement where they can follow along, and find the same therapeutic benefits I have had with art making.Of course it's open to everyone else as well, but all my work is dedicated to all veterans and especially those who I have lost in my life due to some form of mental health stress. 

All contributions will be put towards art supplies for creating illustrations, paintings and videos for you :) Thank you!

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Goodness I wouldn't even know what to do if I reach this goal, just kidding! I will create a youtube channel if this happens. For the sake of making Patreon videos exclusive to you only my youtube channel will be mostly on adventuring, personal tidbits and things that inspiring me. Museums visits? You will also see my wonderful puppy appropriately named Poofy. 
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