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reward item
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per behind the scenes updates (1-2 times/month)

About mayshing

Home pageDeviantart | TwitterFacebook | Tumblr Youtube
I am a indie game / webcomic/ animator and known for my project E-Depth Angel, 2Masters. 

Current update frequency: 1-2 times per month charged posts, the rest are free rewards.

What the money is going toward: the money will be shared between me and Elysse who helps me color, edit story, and manage websites/discord. 

Perks for patreons: 
  • New/returning patreon reward: (for as little as $1)
    Choice A: a icon b/w sketch of your character of choice. (500X500px)
    Choice B: a b/w sketched scene of my characters (upto 2 characters)
    Patreon that pledged up to $20 life time:
    Your icon can get upgraded to inked.
    Patreon pledged up to $50 life time:
    Your icon get colored and shaded.
    Patreon pledged up to $100 life time:
    Choice A: a whole character sheet colored (front view)
    Choice B: a requested colored sketch scene
    Patreon pledged up to $300 life time:
    Choice A: a full character turn around sheet useable for production.
    Choice B: I do will 1 illustration based on your idea/request. (plz keep rating at nfw)
    Choice C: request a specific tutorial or trade secret you want from me.
    I will do my best to message you if you hit the milestone of your pledges for the reward, but please don't be too nice and message me if I forget to do so. You deserve your reward for your hard earned money supporting me!
  • Exclusive bonus materials: to which I am too embarrassed/shy to share in public...

Current project: E-depth Angel PM (in the works) 

Animation clips and tutorial series: 

In progress and upcoming new updates on following mangas: 

E-depth Angel: Hired as a nurse for a militant cyborg family who are super human weapons, Angel finds herself caught in the family's power struggle. Angel must convince these reverse Pinocchios that a normal life is good without getting killed. 

  • 2Masters: With warfare never ending, a person can be an angel or a demon; It only takes a change of heart by 2Masters who grant you powers to heal the world or to destroy it.
  • Mystic Shenshu In a world where the Art of Calligraphy is power, two teens must find the "writing of god" to escape with their lives from the ghosts of ancient China.
$113.59 of $200 per behind the scenes updates (1-2 times/month)
PC funded! Thank you! Now your support help me saving up for a new home and pay my colorist!
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