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About Tempest

Visit the new and improved wiki and core rulebook or join our community on our Discord server.

Hi! I'm Tempest. I'm the author of MazeWorld, a different kind of tabletop RPG, which I have been working on and running as the sole GM since February 2011. I also maintain the two official MzW Discord bots: Tsuchinoko (random item generator) and SnakeEyes (dice roller) used to play the game. Tsuchinoko was written by myself, SnakeEyes is the creation of our community member Space Prius.

As of January 28th 2021, writing and development of the game is now complete!
MazeWorld is open and ready for all to play and GM, and you are free to use the wiki as a core rulebook, as well as our bots on your own Discord servers.

Since I first began working on, and running this game in 2011, initially as an experiment intended for a tiny community of friends and curious visitors on IRC, I have since grown and become more experienced in many aspects; through MazeWorld, I've learned to become a better writer, as well as a more experienced RPG designer and community manager, among other things.

Through working on this game, I've also found and gathered a wonderful, ever-supportive community of people; players, supporters and curious spectators alike, many of which I am lucky to call my friends.

Without the support of these friends, some of which have been there since the very first years, I wouldn't be able to launch this Patreon page. I want to give my players the ability to support me on more than a one-time or occasional way, and in turn I want to continue thanking and rewarding these players and supporters, without which I wouldn't have been able to continue working on this game.

As with most creative ventures, the creative juices must be kept running by a functional mind and body, and the only way to do so, as with most things in life, is to have the financial support to keep working on what I love. With your support, not only can I receive invaluable help in continuing to work on a life's passion, but I will also be able to plan for, and fund future ventures related to the game and perhaps reach out to a wider audience.

Thanks for your interest, and hopefully we will see you in the Mazes soon!
$33.48 of $100 per month
At $100 a month, more expensive... expenses could become easier to plan for, such as more expensive software, books and documentation, and most importantly, commissioning artists for illustration of the wiki.
It would also seriously improve my personal situation and be a really good quality of life improvement for me!
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