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One dollar makes me happy. It does not sound like a big money, but trust me, it definitely raises my morale :)

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You will always know what kind of tutorial I'm currently working on and what state is it in. You will get updates on e-mail about my next plans. 2$ is equivalent to: "Hey bro, this is awesome, here you go, you can buy some fresh water." :D

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All that was previously + I can send you my never published projects, that I've been programming my whole life, it's really nice stuff :) 5$ is equivalent to: "Hey bro, this is awesome, let me buy you a beer or two." (depending on which country we buy the beer in, but in Slovakia, I can buy several beers with it :D)



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By supporting me you will definitely help me to maintain and bring the tutorials and also motivate me to work on them more! Although I do this voluntarily and I always will, surviving in this world requires money and money requires some time invested. If my time spent by creation of tutorials is converted to even a little money, I will be more than just happy :) By helping me with my income, you will get repayed by awesome tutorial content!

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