Avery Mcdaldno is creating nothing else.

I once used games to challenge and explore.

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Paying Rent
$700 per nothing.
At this level, Patreon will be covering my rent (after fees). That's a big personal milestone, though it might not have any significance for you.
Commissioning Art
$900 per nothing.
At this level, I'll commission at least one piece of art for every game I release via Patreon. I'll endeavour to spotlight marginalized artists (especially queers and people of colour).
$1,100 per nothing.
At this level, I'll bring in and pay a co-developer on each little game I release. This will mean very different things with each game. It might include: paying an editor, paying an artist to do multiple pieces, paying someone to code a web app, or splitting the funds with someone who shares equal design work.


my name is Avery Alder Mcdaldno. Buried Without Ceremony is my workshop. i design games and work hard to be a good person.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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NOTE: This Patreon is entering hibernation, and I am not planning to release any more content through it. Details here.

Old write-up:

My game design work (which includes Monsterhearts, The Quiet Year, and Dream Askew) is all contained at Buried Without Ceremony. You'll notice that there's a page of free games, which this Patreon campaign helps me set aside the time to create.

I'm the current coordinator of Game Chef (a global, multi-lingual game design competition), the coordinator for New Stories, the founder and curator of Imaginary Funerals, involved with Different Play, and a big advocate of queer games. I've been doing a number of talks recently about games and queer liberation (in Sweden, Toronto, Calgary, Berkeley, New York and New Jersey).

I want to keep releasing free games, writing critically about games and play, developing workshop outlines, transcribing talks, running accessible game design events, and experimenting with the medium. Rent and grocery bills keep existing for some reason, and my energy is limited. This Patreon makes it possible for me to dedicate my time to scrappy projects, micro-games, game jams, conventions, writing, resources, and games-related community endeavours. Whatever you pledge - you'll get charged once monthly. I'll post something every month, whether it's a game or an article or a new project announcement.

Thanks for helping me maintain these priorities.
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