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This tier offers the following benefits:
  • ARCADIA Digital Magazine: Access to the current issue of ARCADIA as well as all previous issues unlocked for this tier.
  • The Illrigger (5e Character Class): The Illrigger is an infernal warrior straight from the depths of Hell!
  • Patreon Posts: Access to past and future posts unlocked for this tier.
  • MCDM Discord: A unique patron role and access to an exclusive, supporter-only channel.
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About MCDM Productions

We are MCDM Productions!

We publish 5e-compatible products such as Strongholds & Followers, Kingdoms & WarfareThe Illrigger class, and our monthly magazine for GMs and players: ARCADIA, with lots more in the works! We also create YouTube videos focused on encouraging new and experienced game masters alike.

If you like what we do, Patreon is the best way to support us directly. And if you’re discovering us for the first time, becoming a patron gets you tons of content at the best price.

Patron Tiers & Benefits

We currently offer one tier: Topaz. Pledging to this tier unlocks the following rewards:
  • ARCADIA (the current issue as well as all previous issues), our 5e digital magazine for 5e GMs and players!
  • The Illrigger, MCDM's first 5e character class. The Illrigger PDF includes three subclasses, five new spells, an Illrigger NPC ready to raise hell, and three retainers compatible with the rules in Strongholds & Followers.
  • More content to be revealed soon! We have some pretty cool stuff planned for patrons that’s currently in the works.
  • An archive of some of Matt's DM notes, for folks just getting started running games who want to see what actual DM notes look like.
  • A special role on our MCDM Discord server which gives you access to the supporter-only channel.

Now, we know not everyone's into Patreon or a monthly subscription model. If you fall into that category, you can still find our products like The IllriggerBeastheart and Monstrous Companions, and ARCADIA on the MCDM Shop.

We have lots of cool ideas, and we're just getting started. Thanks for supporting the MCDM team!

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