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Master of Locusts

per month

After a successful unarmed melee attack, but before dealing damage, roll 1d6. Each ally within 30 feet takes that much damage and your attack deals additional damage equal to the total damage suffered by all allies. This ability refreshes after a long rest.

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Master of Ravens

per month

You gain a flying speed of 60’ until the end of your next round. Any successful unarmed melee attacks you make during this duration also blind your target. This ability refreshes after a long rest.

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My Name’s Matt Colville and we are MCDM Productions

We make youtube and twitch videos focusing on encouraging new Game Masters. We also stream games and make third party content for 5th edition.

So far we’ve been able to do what we do free of sponsorships or ads, and we hope to be able to continue doing more without any of that nonsense.

We have a few sources of revenue, including Kickstarter, book sales, and twitch subscriptions, but some folks want to support us more directly, and Patreon is the best way for them to do that. Patreon takes by far the smallest cut of any revenue stream.

What Do I Get For My Money?

You get access to the supporter-only channel in the MCDM Community Discord. And you get great YouTube videos and twitch streams! We plan to put our heads together in the near future and come up with real rewards for Patrons. We have some cool ideas, but we need to make sure we can do it first.

Step One was just “Launch the Patreon” and that is this!

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