Pascal Gilcher is creating graphics mods, shaders, digital and traditional art

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"Supporter" role on discord server

Join my Discord server and get the "Supporter" role to show everyone how awesome you are!

View the "progress" channel to see what I'm currently working on.
Includes Discord rewards
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Access to beta versions of my mods.

Test my stuff before I release it, allowing you to enjoy it earlier than the rest of the world! The "Beta Supporter" role on my Discord has access to all files that are close to release.

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 All of the benefits above plus:

Access to experimental/alpha versions of my mods.

Use the earliest versions of my work, some of which might never get released to the public!

Right to vote to shape the future of my mods.

On my Discord, there will be polls occasionally for new features or ideas concerning my works.  This tier (along with the assigned role "Alpha Supporter" gives you the ability to take part in those polls.

Includes Discord rewards