is creating Game Mods, 3D Assets, Environments, Textures, and Digital Art
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About MCindusMODS

Welcome to MCindusMODS Patreon!

Welcome Patrons! It's MCINDUS - Digital Artist, Game Modder, and World Builder.  I Stream my art on a regular basis, working in Photoshop, 3dsmax, Zbrush, Substance, Unreal, and Unity - and specialize in modeling 3D Assets, World-Building, Environments, Creatures and Props.  I also create all of my own Custom Textures and Texture maps!

Game Modding:
As the premier graphical modder for the game FINAL FANTASY 8, I've spent the past few years creating custom artwork, graphical replacements and upscales to enhance your gaming experience! I created the Lunatic Pandora Mods Pack which installs my personal collection of mods for the game, rather than having to install each mod individually - saving from any troubleshooting mishaps or incompatibility issues. I'm constantly working on improving and creating new mods, but I need your help to continue doing so!

Current Mods Progress:
There are still mods to be made!  I am currently spending all of my time working on upscaling and creating custom textures for:
Triple Triad and Menu/UI/Title Screen Mods WORK!
2013 Steam:
Magics, Battle fx, Limit Breaks, GF Animations, NPCs

I make custom mods and do consignments as well, so don't hesitate to contact me!  

The rest of the Art:
As an artist-for-hire, freelancer and music teacher, I'm currently at work on many different projects! Every day, I improve my skill as a Digital Artist and regularly Stream that work via Twitch, so stop by and say hello! You might even catch me playing/writing/practicing some music, doing live oil/acrylic painting, chatting, and/or playing games! 

My Patrons will be granted special access to my work and my life as an artist! Join me on Twitter and Discord where I post updates to my work in-progress.

With your help, I can help build this into a full community of people passionate about improving their favorite games! 

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