MCIVTA is creating buzz about Manchester City FC

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YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE 1994-CLUB and an official funder of the first ever web-page about Manchester City FC (MCIVTA was created in 1994). This gives you the bragging rights to all...

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YOU ARE A FREE CONTENT HERO. By committing to this pledge you are definitely helping the MCIVTA service remain online, free and open to everyone by help covering the infrastructure cost .

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YOU ARE ON THE ADVISORY BOARD. You know how sometimes someone says they're on some advisory board and they sound fancy? That's kind of what happens here. After pledging, you'll rec...

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A SPECIAL HAND-WRITTEN THANK YOU LETTER. I can't even remember the last time I wrote a letter by hand so this might go down in flames, but if it does I will reimburse you completel...

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A "MCIVTA SUGER-DADDY" T-SHIRT. This and a hand-written thank you letter - who can ask for more? Well; how about a special "sugar-daddy" section on the MCIVTA web-page to highlight...