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Every little bit helps and great things start with small steps! Thank you for helping me and being an Ocean Warrior!

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Just a step up from the coccolithophore you have helped me cover some of the hard costs associated with creating new work. As a fellow Ocean Warrior you get 10% off selected Ocean Prints.

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One of the most expensive things I have is Air Travel. I never know where I am going and these tiers help me get to meetings where scientists are discussing these issues or where they are working in the field. 


Several years ago, I set out to find ways to get the public interested in the ocean. I had read at the time that we knew more about space than our own ocean. This was strange to me because I also learned around that time that every second breath that we breathe is coming from the ocean. So why do we know so little? 

I suppose the first question I would have if I were you would be: "Why is he doing a Patreon page?" As an artist I travel the world documenting the threats facing our oceans with the emphasis on what is left worth protecting. It turns out that this bold mission isn't cheap but the impact is so great! I need help but I also want you to come on my journey with me.

My installation called LUCiD is with the Ocean Plastics Lab currently traveling with the German Ministry as a commitment to the G7 Presidential Summit. It will visit several cities worldwide over a 3 year period. The funds you spend here go back to this project to create awareness around Ocean Conservation thru installations around the world. I
I've always felt it's important to share positive messages especially If a positive response is wanted in return. This process has led me to meet some very incredible people who are also passionate about The Ocean. Some of them policy makers, entrepreneurs focused on the blue economy, and other story tellers. Susi Mai and McKane joined forces to create an annual event on Sir Richard Branson's Island called The Ocean Summit. The inaugural event is in February 2019 with multiple live events happening up until the next one in 2020. The mission, to create actionable plans for commitments to protect 30% of the world's oceans by 2030. 

Supporting Jeremy McKane's efforts as an artist not only helps him tell the story but it puts you right in the middle of history. We are the only human generation to be aware of our possible extinction. We are the only beings ever to walk on planet earth capable of doing something about it.

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