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This tier includes all the benefits of the Supporter Tier as well as a lower up front quote total. I will deduct the $10/month you pledge from the total quote (not including up front material costs) and I will spread it out over 1 year for a total of $120. After that, if you choose to continue supporting Revivalist Design at this tier, you will receive discounts on future orders at the time that the order is placed. This means you will essentially lock in a discount for all future business with Revivalist Design. Here is a quick example: 

Standard Project Quote:
Total Material Cost: $100
Design and Labor Cost: $400
Total Amount Due: $500

Project Payment Tier Quote:
Total Material Cost: $100
Design and Labor Cost: $400
$10/month Support: -$120
Total Amount Due: $380
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About McKenzie Reed

Hey everyone, the goal of this Patreon page is to fund my own design and build space. I recently stepped away from my full-time 9 - 5, transitioning to part-time work, to focus more on Revivalist Design. I plan to create videos and content that tell a story to the audience, and I'll be spending the next year figuring out how I want to do that. I have some ideas, but if you choose to support me through this Patreon page you will get to see all of this grow and develop as I figure a lot of things out.  I hope to inspire not only fellow designers and makers, but also those who want something custom for their own home or business and either don't know how to ask or don't have the slightest clue on where to begin. I hope you enjoy and I welcome any and all feedback.

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